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According to a research study conducted by the World Bank, less than a third of Africa’s total population has broadband internet access. If we read this report’s lines, the message is clear: the rest of the world is getting connected, while a significant portion of the African continent is being left behind. Not having access to the internet is stifling their development.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people worldwide have been forced to adapt by working remotely—a task which, at minimum, requires stable access to the internet. The lack of much-needed internet infrastructure in Africa contributes to the underdevelopment of African nations. Furthermore, it denies African students access to quality online education offered by foreign companies and schools. 

3air exists to put an end to this problem. After successfully providing African cities with affordable, high-speed broadband, they aim to give users access to Web3 through Skills Development, Infrastructure, and Education.

So, what is 3air?

3air is a blockchain-based startup structured to provide African communities with broadband internet connectivity while at the same time offering a wide variety of digital services. With proprietary technology, this innovative network will build broadband infrastructure where others can’t, helping connect billions of people to the internet and the 3air platform. 

By utilizing the “K3 Last Mile”, one of its partners’ technology, 3air is set to deliver affordable and fast internet access coupled with digital TV and IP telephony services, all through the air. The hardware has already been tried and tested and has proven itself in natural conditions for many years without problems or interruptions. Even in Sierra Leone, where harsh weather is commonplace, services were reported to have worked perfectly without a glitch.  

How does it work?

Once again, the primary purpose of 3air is to provide high-speed internet access to its users. For users to gain access to 3air’s broadband internet network, they must begin by purchasing an NFT. At this point, users can opt into any subscription service of their choosing. Users will then create a unique Digital Identity to access these services.  

Understanding the ecosystem  

Intending to make fast and reliable internet connection available for all in Africa, the mission of 3air’s blockchain platform is to ensure that people have access to a Blockchain-based ISP management system that is affordable for all. Ensuring the security and transparency of the system will also be a key priority. In Africa, many people encounter an array of problems when accessing the internet. The net effect of this difficulty is that African businesses remain hindered from participating in the global community.

In response to these challenges, the 3air platform is poised to offer real-time solutions to this problem.  The platform is set to provide a high-speed and reliable internet connection to those in Africa who still do not have access to it. 

Simply put, the project is divided into three critical processes. These are to:

  • Establish and stabilize a market for broadband infrastructure in Africa with the K3 partnership. 
  • Create the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Add new functions and features to the platform with a view to continuous development. 

Why does 3air need its own token?

Structured to serve as the sole currency within the 3air ecosystem, the platform will utilize 3air tokens to make services such as monthly subscriptions to internet services and TV available to its users. In addition, Digital Identities will enable users to benefit from other adoption incentives packed into the platform. 

Such adoption incentives are versatile and can be applied to a long list of possible objectives.  Incentives may come in different forms and for all kinds of services, including Loyalty and Reward programs through the help of gamified structures, securing access to airdrops, cash backs, and NFT coupons. Tokens also allow for a referral system tailored towards increasing the market’s trust indexes and can help minimize fraud by enabling users to offer their businesses or services directly to their families and friends. 

Tokens serve as a link of trust between service providers and users. One of 3air’s key objectives is to assist in transforming digital payments in Africa into a hitch-free and seamless activity. With 3air, even users who do not have access to traditional banking services can make payments and conduct transactions in the ecosystem. In this process, service providers continue to receive equivalent amounts in the local currency.

Integrated into the ecosystem are a slew of extra features that do more than save time and make life easier for users. They also help drive token adoption, development of governance solutions, access to micro-loans, staking rewards, and other properties that are structured for the token. The mission of 3air is to continuously improve its blockchain platform into an all-purpose ecosystem that serves payment, community, governance, identity, and market needs. 

Please take note that the 3air token is currently on Binance Smart Chain for now and will be bridged to SKALE in the future. 


Fulfilling the need for high-speed internet in emerging economies is the main reason for the establishment of 3air. As a case study, Nigeria’s untapped annual revenue for internet access services is valued at $60 billion. In short, the availability of fast and cheap internet access will be of great advantage to the country in question and benefit token holders.

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