Weibo Gaming Sweeps NRG 3-0 to Advance to LoL World Championship Semifinals


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  • Weibo Gaming’s Xiaohu expresses confidence in their meta knowledge and teamwork.
  • Neeko shines as Xiaohu’s pick of choice in the mid-lane.
  • Weibo Gaming advances to the LoL World Championship semifinals with a 3-0 sweep.

In a stunning display of skill and teamwork, Weibo Gaming emerged victorious with a resounding 3-0 sweep over NRG in the quarterfinals of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. Following their triumphant performance, Weibo Gaming’s mid-laner, Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao, sat down for an interview and shared his insights on the match.

Xiaohu’s confidence and teamwork

Xiaohu’s confidence in Weibo Gaming’s abilities was evident from the moment the interview began. When asked if he had expected his team to reach the semifinals before the start of Worlds, he responded, “We had a good grasp of the meta since the regional qualifiers, so I was very confident.” This unwavering belief in their understanding of the game’s meta undoubtedly played a significant role in their success.

Neeko’s impact in the mid-lane

Throughout the quarterfinals, Xiaohu showcased his prowess in the mid-lane by consistently pressuring his opponent. He particularly stood out with his performances on Neeko, an unconventional pick against Orianna in the first two games. Xiaohu explained his choice, stating, “Neeko is better than Orianna in the lane during the early game,” and expressed his faith in the team’s bot lane for the late game, making Neeko a strategic choice that paid off.

Coach Daeny’s enthusiastic feedback

Weibo Gaming’s victory in Game 1 did not prevent head coach Yang “Daeny” Dae-in from offering enthusiastic feedback. Xiaohu recounted the moment, saying, “We got into trouble while trying Baron. I thought that we would get an earful from coach Daeny after the game.” This anecdote underlines the team’s commitment to continuous improvement, even in the face of success.

Xiaohu’s long-awaited return to the semifinals

Xiaohu’s journey through multiple League of Legends World Championships has brought him to the semifinals once again, a feat he hadn’t achieved since Worlds 2017. When asked about his thoughts on advancing to the semifinals, Xiaohu acknowledged the challenges ahead, stating, “The teams we’ll be facing from now on will be much stronger. We’ll be able to face them if we get more confident.”

Looking ahead to the semifinals

Weibo Gaming’s convincing quarterfinal victory has propelled them into the semifinals, where they will face even fiercer competition. With Xiaohu’s confidence in their abilities and their solid teamwork, they are well-poised to make a significant impact in the remaining matches of the 2023 LoL World Championship. As the competition intensifies, fans can expect thrilling battles and exceptional gameplay from Weibo Gaming and their opponents in the semifinals.

Weibo Gaming’s impressive 3-0 sweep over NRG in the quarterfinals of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship demonstrates their strength and potential on the international stage. Xiaohu’s confidence in his team’s understanding of the meta and their ability to adapt to different strategies was a key factor in their success. With Neeko’s standout performance and the guidance of coach Daeny, Weibo Gaming now sets its sights on the semifinals, where they will face tougher challenges. As they continue their journey, the League of Legends community eagerly anticipates their upcoming matches, expecting nothing less than outstanding gameplay from this formidable team.

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