US Dollar slides to four-month low as traders predict doom


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  • The US dollar recently experienced a sharp drop as traders predict further falls.
  • Bitcoin and the effect of the dollar’s fall on its price.

In the weeks ahead, Bitcoin may find itself propelled by favorable macroeconomic conditions if current trends persist. Renowned trader Crypto Ed, founder of the CryptoTA trading group, recently highlighted the potential for multi-month lows in U.S. dollar strength. Despite a recent decrease in the historical inverse correlation between Bitcoin and the strength of the dollar, shifts in U.S. macro policy are anticipated to positively impact Bitcoin while exerting pressure on the dollar.

The US dollar experienced a significant decline

Analysts are optimistic about the crypto market’s prospects in 2024, drawing insights from the latest macroeconomic data and signals from the Federal Reserve. The declining inflation rate may prompt the Federal Reserve to reconsider interest rate hikes, potentially leading to increased liquidity beneficial for risk assets, including Bitcoin. Conversely, the currency is expected to face challenges in this scenario.

Recent macroeconomic figures revealing the impact of monetary tightening on inflation have caused the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) to decline by more than 2% since the week’s start, reaching its lowest level since mid-August, currently below $102. Crypto Ed aligns with those who anticipate further downside pressure on the U.S. dollar while remaining optimistic about Bitcoin’s future. Looking at the long-term outlook, Crypto Ed suggests that a weakened dollar could act as a catalyst for Bitcoin to achieve new all-time highs (ATHs).

Bitcoin and the effect of the dollar fall on its price

The relationship between Bitcoin and the U.S. Dollar Index is pivotal, and a chart accompanying Crypto Ed’s analysis identifies key levels to monitor in three-day timeframes for the DXY. Economist Lyn Alden, despite acknowledging the potential for increased liquidity due to a dovish Fed and the drop in the U.S. Dollar Index, expresses caution about the conditions supporting a broad risk-asset renaissance. She notes that global liquidity indicators have shown some stagnation after a recent rise, and reverse repos have not drained in the first half of December.

Nevertheless, Alden observes a “pretty remarkable repricing” by markets, considering the possibility of the Fed lowering rates in 2024. Data from the Federal Reserve itself indicates an increase in its balance sheet for the first time since August, growing by around $2 billion in December. As of December 15, BTC/USD was trading at $42,700, maintaining relative stability after a brief period of volatility the previous day. The pair has shown a 13% increase in December, according to data from TradingView.

The evolving macroeconomic landscape suggests a potential tailwind for Bitcoin, driven by shifts in U.S. macropolicy and the expected impact on the strength of the currency. While optimistic outlooks for Bitcoin prevail, caution remains regarding broader risk-asset conditions and the necessity for ideal global liquidity indicators to support a renaissance in this space. The dynamics between Bitcoin and the U.S. Dollar Index will likely play a significant role in shaping market trends, and ongoing developments in Federal Reserve policies will continue to influence these dynamics in the coming weeks and months.

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