Unveiling Eldegoss: Solving the Quiz Professor’s Riddle in Detective Pikachu Returns

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  • Eldegoss: The Fluffy Pokémon Hidden in Detective Pikachu Returns
  • No In-Game Rewards, but Satisfaction Awaits Quiz Enthusiasts
  • Navigate the Southern Ruins to Solve the Quiz Professor’s Mystery

In the latest installment of the Detective Pikachu Returns game, players are faced with a challenging question from the Quiz Professor during their exploration of the Southern Ruins. The question, “What Pokémon is soft and fluffy all over?” puzzled many players, as there are numerous fluffy Pokémon in the National Pokedex, such as Mareep, Whimsicott, and Altaria. However, the correct answer to this enigmatic query is none other than the Gen 8 grass-type Pokémon, Eldegoss.

Discovering Eldegoss: A step-by-step guide

For those seeking to find Eldegoss and provide the Quiz Professor with the correct answer, a step-by-step guide is available to ensure your success. 

Navigate to the Southern Ruins: First, make your way to the Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu Returns. Once you’ve reached this location, you’re ready to embark on your quest to locate Eldegoss.

Proceed leftward: From the starting point at the Southern Ruins, head to your left. You’ll eventually come across an archway and a dirt hill that lead up to the ruins. Resist the urge to climb the hill and continue walking left.

Spotting Eldegoss: Keep your eyes peeled as you walk to the left. You will encounter Eldegoss floating in the air, situated just left of a tree that lacks any berries. Approach Eldegoss and initiate a conversation with it. Tim will comment that “Eldegoss has got to be the answer to the quiz professor’s question.”

Return to the quiz professor: With the answer in hand, return to the Quiz Professor, and confidently provide her with the correct response to her question. This will mark the completion of her Local Concern quiz, and you will have successfully solved the mystery.

Reward for puzzling through the quiz Professor’s questions?

While successfully answering the Quiz Professor’s three questions in Detective Pikachu Returns is undoubtedly satisfying, many players might be wondering if there are any tangible rewards awaiting them for their efforts. The answer, unfortunately, is no. Players do not receive any in-game rewards or items for correctly answering the Quiz Professor’s questions. The only reward one can attain from completing the quiz is the personal satisfaction of having solved a challenging puzzle.

A completionist’s dilemma: The quest for 100%

It’s worth noting that some players have a penchant for completing every aspect of a game, even when there is no tangible reward involved. These dedicated gamers are often driven by a desire to achieve 100% completion, and leaving no stone unturned is a matter of personal pride.

For those who find themselves in this category, finishing the Quiz Professor’s quiz may be a matter of principle. The mere thought of an unanswered question lingering in the game world could be an itch that simply must be scratched. While it may not yield any items or achievements, completing the quiz can provide a sense of closure and accomplishment for these dedicated players.

Returning to the southern ruins

For players who may have missed the opportunity to encounter the Quiz Professor in the Southern Ruins or wish to revisit this part of the game, Detective Pikachu Returns offers a convenient feature known as Story Jump Mode. This mode allows players to revisit previous sections of the game, enabling them to explore, complete quests, or answer unanswered questions they may have encountered earlier.

Detective Pikachu Returns offers a challenging quiz presented by the Quiz Professor, with the answer being the elusive Eldegoss. To successfully locate Eldegoss, players must navigate the Southern Ruins, proceed leftward from the starting point, and interact with the Pokémon near a barren tree. While there are no tangible rewards for completing the quiz, the satisfaction of solving the puzzle and achieving 100% completion can be reward enough for dedicated players. For those who missed the opportunity, the Story Jump Mode feature allows for a return to the Southern Ruins to complete any unfinished business. Detective Pikachu Returns continues to captivate players with its intriguing mysteries and engaging gameplay.

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