Uncovering the Elusive White Lady in “Lies of P” – A Boss Battle Guide

White Lady


  • Discover the hidden White Lady boss in ‘Lies of P’ – a challenge worth the hunt!
  • Master the one-dodge, one-hit strategy to conquer the White Lady in ‘Lies of P.’
  • Unveil the secrets of Rosa Isabelle Street in ‘Lies of P’ and emerge victorious against the White Lady.

In the world of Souls-like RPG adventures, boss battles reign supreme, and “Lies of P,” the latest creation from Neowiz Games, is no exception. Within this gripping game, players traverse through expansive levels, each harboring its own set of formidable bosses. While some bosses are obligatory and central to the storyline, others remain hidden and optional, awaiting the brave souls who dare to seek them out. In this guide, we’ll unveil the whereabouts of one such optional boss, the White Lady, within the Rosa Isabelle Street level, and provide you with an effective strategy to conquer her.

Locating the White lady

For those traversing the treacherous streets of Rosa Isabelle in “Lies of P,” the path to the White Lady begins at the initial Stargazer. As you progress through the level and face various adversaries, including explosive-device-wielding puppets and gun-toting foes, you’ll come to a crucial juncture. Instead of heading towards the awaiting puppets, take the path to your right. Descend the steep street, and you’ll find yourself in what appears to be an eerie, theater-like arena.

Within this peculiar arena, your attention will be drawn to a doll, its head impaled by a sword. Approach this eerie sight and search for a specific corner where an action prompt becomes visible. When you press the appropriate button, a cutscene will unfold, heralding the dramatic entrance of the enigmatic White Lady.

Confronting the White lady: A strategic approach

The White Lady may be categorized as a human foe or one of the Stalkers in the game, but don’t be fooled into thinking that a standard human enemy strategy will suffice. Dodging and attacking from behind may not yield the results you desire. To avoid a frustrating game of cat and mouse, it’s crucial to employ a straightforward and efficient one-dodge, one-hit strategy.

One-dodge, one-hit: When the White Lady strikes, swiftly dodge to the side and counter with a single well-timed blow. This ensures you maintain your position and don’t fall prey to her retaliatory attacks.

Exploit vulnerabilities: There are moments when the White Lady loses her balance. Seize these opportunities to deliver a flurry of attacks, but remain vigilant, ready to retreat when she recovers.

Perfect blocks: Incorporate a few well-timed perfect blocks into your strategy. This tactic not only disrupts her rhythm but also has the potential to break her sword. This will significantly tilt the odds in your favor.

Avoid hitting while blocking: Beware of hitting the White Lady while she’s in a defensive stance, as her counterattacks cannot be blocked or dodged. Patience is key; wait for the right openings.

By adhering to these battle-tested strategies, you’ll find the White Lady becoming just another adversary you’ve vanquished in your relentless crusade through the city of Krat.

In the unforgiving world of “Lies of P,” where boss battles are the crucible in which players are forged, uncovering optional bosses like the White Lady can be a rewarding challenge. By navigating through the Rosa Isabelle Street level and employing a specialized strategy, you can conquer this elusive foe and add her to the list of formidable adversaries you’ve bested on your journey.

As you continue your quest through the city of Krat, remember that adaptability and precision are your greatest allies. With the White Lady’s defeat, you inch one step closer to unraveling the mysteries of “Lies of P” and emerging victorious in this gripping Souls-like RPG adventure.

By following this guide, you’ll have the knowledge and tactics needed to face the White Lady head-on, ensuring that your encounter with her in Rosa Isabelle Street becomes a pivotal moment in your gaming experience. So, gear up, sharpen your skills, and prepare for a battle that will test your mettle like no other.

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