Tim Draper believes women can drive BTC to $250,000

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  • Tim Draper makes a case for women pushing BTC to $250,000
  • Draper predicts retailer push
  • The billionaire believes BTC transactions are cheaper

A renowned billionaire and crypto figure, Tim Draper, has made a case for women pushing Bitcoin towards his predicted $250,000 price mark. According to the billionaire, all hope is not lost concerning that mark as the top digital asset is well placed to touch it. Notably, the CEO has been making this case for the last two years, with a recent prediction saying Bitcoin could hit the same price by the end of this year.

Draper predicts retailer push

According to his statement at an interview on YouTube, Tim Draper mentioned that women would be the most influential figures in driving Bitcoin price up. He said that the influence of women coupled with the adoption of several retail companies across several sectors could also be an accelerant. In his opinion, women shop for most retail products citing examples in the fashion line and other ventures.

With shop owners moving to adopt crypto payment options, women will also feel the need to have a crypto wallet that they can use for shopping. Although, this analogy didn’t consider the fact that the same populace could move to another token instead of Bitcoin. This is because retail companies are now trying to adopt as many tokens as possible for their users to make payments. A typical example is the Gucci crypto payment option, which has more than 12 digital assets as payment options.

Tim Draper believes BTC transactions are cheaper

Tim Draper believes that once an assortment of women signs up on exchanges and own wallets, his predicted $250,000 will be in sight. However, the billionaire has charged retailers on the need to have Bitcoin payments option in their stores or payment platforms. Tim Draper notes that since making transactions using Bitcoin is fairly cheaper than other payment platforms like MasterCard, owners operating businesses can tap into the benefits. In a recent report on the costs of making transactions compiled by CreditDonkey, payments companies charge retail outfits about 3.5% for every purchase made online.

On the other hand, Bitcoin would only cost them about $1.4 for every transaction made. Tim Draper believes that since women make most of the retail spending, it will be wise to lean towards Bitcoin. Draper’s prediction might be forthcoming with a recent update stating that American households have upped their crypto holdings by 2% since last year. Should things start to go according to the prediction of Tim Draper, the payment market could open up as SWIFT faces a predicted threat in the coming years.

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