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The Waking Dead Betrayal

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  • The Walking Dead Betrayal game got removed from Steam due to challenges in building a strong player community.
  • The game will be completely shut down on December 15, and all players who purchased it will receive full refunds.
  • Despite this setback, Skybound remains committed to the Walking Dead franchise and plans to develop new experiences in the future.

Skybound Games, in a recent announcement, has confirmed the discontinuation of their multiplayer zombie survival game, “The Walking Dead Betrayal.” This decision comes just months after the game’s initial release in September. The publisher cited the challenge of building a robust community as the primary reason for halting the game’s development and subsequent removal from the Steam platform.

“The Walking Dead Betrayal,” which allowed players to team up against zombie hordes while incorporating a twist of social deduction, failed to sustain a thriving player base. This issue, coupled with the mixed reception from players, as reflected in its Steam ratings, led to the game’s untimely demise.

Refunds and removal process

Skybound Games has outlined a clear plan for the game’s removal from Steam. Starting December 11, the process to delist “The Walking Dead Betrayal” will commence, leading to its complete shutdown on December 15. In a gesture of goodwill, the company has assured a full refund to all players who purchased the game, irrespective of the time spent playing it. This decision underscores the publisher’s commitment to maintaining a positive relationship with its consumer base.

The refund process is straightforward, allowing players to claim their refunds without hassle. This move is not only a reflection of Skybound’s customer-centric approach but also sets a precedent in the gaming industry for handling game discontinuations.

Future of The Walking Dead franchise

Despite the setback with “The Walking Dead Betrayal,” Skybound Games remains optimistic about the future of The Walking Dead franchise. The publisher has expressed gratitude towards the community for their engagement and feedback, indicating a continued interest in developing new experiences within the iconic zombie universe.

The closure of “The Walking Dead Betrayal” serves as a learning experience for Skybound Games. It highlights the importance of community building and player retention in the success of multiplayer games. As the gaming industry evolves, such insights become crucial for publishers and developers alike.

In conclusion, “The Walking Dead Betrayal” represents a challenging chapter in Skybound Games’ journey. Its removal from Steam is a significant event, marking the complexities and unpredictability of the gaming market. However, with a focus on customer satisfaction and a forward-looking approach, Skybound Games is poised to continue its exploration of The Walking Dead universe, promising more engaging and successful titles in the future.


The gaming industry often witnesses the rise and fall of various titles, and “The Walking Dead Betrayal” is a recent example of this dynamic. Its removal from Steam reflects the challenges faced by game developers in creating and sustaining a successful multiplayer experience. However, the proactive approach of Skybound Games in handling the situation, especially in terms of customer refunds, sets a positive example. The future of The Walking Dead franchise in the gaming world remains a point of interest, with fans and players looking forward to what Skybound Games will bring next.

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