Tapswap mum on specifics of token launch on TON blockchain

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  • Tapswap left users in the dark regarding the specifics of its planned token launch on TON.
  • There’s been a lot of interest in the game and its airdrop.
  • The team promised to be meticulous about its token allocation for the airdrop.

Tapswap, a popular tap-to-earn game on Telegram, left users in the dark regarding the specifics of its planned token launch on the TON blockchain. People have been keen to get details about the project’s much-awaited airdrop, particularly eligibility requirements and the launch date.

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However, Tapswap, which held an ‘Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Wednesday, remained coy about how it plans to allocate tokens to users. The team also did not provide a specific timeline for the launch of its token, called TAPS, on The Open Network, or TON.

‘Many moving parts’ to Tapswap tokenomics

“Our tokenomics are nearly complete, but we have many moving parts, including ongoing communications with multiple [crypto] exchanges and platforms,” the team said in a transcript of the AMA event posted on X (Twitter).

“Due to these dynamics and recent project developments, we had to make changes to the documentation. We actively communicate with tier 1 exchanges and have received positive feedback on their collaboration,” it added.

Tapswap stressed that “a significant portion of all tokens will be allocated to the community.” It said users will be updated on the effort once the tokenomics – a combination of the words “token” and “economics” used to define the elements that make a cryptocurrency valuable – are finalized.

Screenshot of the Tapswap game on Telegram

Launched in February, the game rewards users for tapping the screens of their phones or computers. There are rules and limits on the number of tokens that one can tap per time based on the level they have reached. Tapswap says over 48 million people play the game.

Tapswap promises fairness in ‘airdrop distribution’

Tapswap initially planned to integrate with Solana but later switched to The Open Network. During the AMA, the 25-member ‘mostly European-based’ team said it decided to move to the TON blockchain because it was “a better fit,” since the app is also based on Telegram.

“…TON [was] the most logical choice for the best user experience,” it said.

One of the key factors behind Tapswap’s rapid growth is the hope by users that they will get an airdrop – a type of free crypto giveaway dropped into people’s accounts. The project promised to be meticulous about its token allocation for the airdrop. Some airdrops have been accused of giving away fewer tokens to early participants.

“We are developing clear rules for token distribution to ensure fairness, although these cannot be disclosed beforehand to prevent abuse,” said Tapswap.

“We’ve created a monitoring system to track user behavior, identifying accounts that deserve to be banned. Additionally, we are considering offering unscrupulous users the option to voluntarily surrender for a percentage of the drop, ensuring a win/win for all,” it added.

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Telegram has seen a surge in apps building on the platform. At the heart of the so-called clicker games boom are Telegram “mini-apps” – web apps that run inside the messaging platform. Company CEO Pavel Durov said recently that mini-apps such as Notcoin and Hamster Kombat have grown quickly because users don’t need to install them on their devices.

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