TON outperforms other blockchains thanks to Web 3 clicker games

TON blockchain gamesTON blockchain clicker games revolutionizes crypto adoption

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  • TON blockchain clicker games are changing the crypto atmosphere with rapid adoption rates.
  • The rapid adoption rate is partly due to Telegram messenger’s large user base of over 900 million users.
  • Notcoin and Hamster Kombat are among the top clicker games on the TON blockchain and are accessible through Telegram messenger.

The TON blockchain is reportedly changing the crypto industry through its recent inclusion of Telegram mini-apps. Hamster Kombat and Notcoin are leading the race in accelerating crypto adoption with millions of users. These Telegram mini-apps are easily accessible to users. 

Since the social media app Telegram popularized the TON blockchain through strategic partnerships, the network has recorded significant growth rates. In 2024, the TON blockchain outperformed several other blockchains in net growth rate. Binance reported in May that the TON blockchain outperformed the Bitcoin network by 118%.

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The popularity of the TON blockchain has risen massively over the past few months. The massive growth rates can be attributed to the rise of simple blockchain clicker games. Hamster Kombat and Notcoin are all clicker games on Telegram that allow crypto users to earn crypto coins. These games are based on the TON blockchain and are attracting millions of users to the TON ecosystem.

Telegram mini apps boost TON blockchain adoption

Since their launch, several clicker games on Telegram have garnered millions of users. Telegram’s most popular crypto clicker games are Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, Citizen AI, Truecoin, and Pixelverse.

The Notcoin Web 3 game is integrated into the TON blockchain and is accessible directly on Telegram. The game uses a play-to-earn approach, where users can mine Notcoin. Notcoin (NOT) is the native digital currency that Notcoin uses to reward users. Currently, NOT is already listed on Binance and OKC. In its first week of launch on January 1st, 2024, Notcoin attracted over 5 million players.

Hamster Kombat is another popular Telegram-based clicker game boosting TON blockchain activity. The Web 3 game has been dubbed the new Notcoin. Hamster Komabt’s community grew significantly faster following the success of Notcoin. As of May 29th, Hamster Kombat had the largest community on Telegram messenger, with over 17 million members.

The latest trend from these Telegram-based clicker games has significantly increased network activity on the TON blockchain. For instance, Hamster Kombat has attracted over 100 million players as of June 10th. Those players are simultaneously interacting with the TON blockchain, strengthening the ecosystem and growing the network

Telegram’s user base is good for crypto adoption

Telegram’s messenger reportedly controls a large user base, just shy of a billion users. The platform’s integration with TON has massively increased the blockchain’s reach. TON has tapped into Telegram’s large user base through in-app applications like clicker games that allow Telegram users to play, earn, and transact crypto easily.

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For instance, the popularity of Notcoin and Hamster Kombat can be largely attributed to Telegram’s large user base. The messenger app has provided a platform for these Web 3 clicker games to tap into over 900 million users.

Aside from the large user base, Telegram has also provided a convenient way for people to interact with crypto and play-to-earn clicker games. Unlike the seemingly complex crypto exchange platforms with trading charts, Telegram offers a user-friendly way to interact with cryptocurrencies. On the platform, crypto users play and earn within the mini apps. Telegram users can also send crypto to others, like sending text messages.


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