Storm Connections Faces Criticism for Game Flaws and Voice Acting Debacle


  • Storm Connections faces backlash due to missing online features and widespread issues, especially on Xbox.
  • Bandai Namco denies using AI for voice acting but acknowledges poor editing; players are frustrated over prioritizing voice changes over critical game fixes.
  • Community discontent grows as players demand timely updates for broken online functionality and an uncertain timeline for resolving voice-acting problems.

The release of Storm Connections, the latest installment in the popular gaming franchise, has been marred by a multitude of issues, leaving players frustrated and dissatisfied. One significant flaw is the absence of online lobbies, hindering players’ ability to set up friend matches. Xbox users, in particular, have faced a crippling online experience, with the game mode simply not functioning. This has led to widespread discontent within the gaming community, as players feel they have been sold an unfinished product at full price, with promises of patch updates to rectify the glaring issues.

Bandai Namco faces backlash over voice acting

One of the controversial decisions by the developers, Bandai Namco, was the implementation of new voice acting in Storm Connections. While the Japanese voiceovers received a relatively positive response, the English dub faced severe criticism. Players expressed disappointment at the quality of the performances, pointing out that the cut scenes seemed to reuse content from previous games. The decision to edit the voiceovers instead of utilizing the original recordings from earlier titles only exacerbated the problem.

In response to the uproar from both the gaming community and the voice actors themselves, Bandai Namco denied utilizing AI for voice acting and pledged to address the poorly edited performances. This move, however, did little to appease the frustrated player base, who voiced concerns about the developers prioritizing voice-acting changes over more pressing issues, such as the malfunctioning online features.

Community outcry and developer’s response

Players took to online forums to express their dissatisfaction with the state of Storm Connections. One user lamented, “Out of all the things to fix first…” highlighting the community’s frustration with the apparent misallocation of priorities by the developers. Another player, specifically from the Xbox community, pleaded for attention to the broken online functionality, stating, “Address the online while you’re at it. Absolutely conned as an Xbox user.”

Bandai Namco’s decision to release the game without key features, coupled with the delayed response to community concerns, has resulted in a significant trust deficit. The promise of future updates to resolve issues does little to alleviate the immediate grievances of players who expected a polished gaming experience upon purchase.

Uncertain road ahead

Despite the acknowledgment of the voice acting problems, Bandai Namco has not provided a release date for the anticipated update to rectify the audio issues. Similarly, there is no timeline for the implementation of online lobbies, leaving players in the dark about when these crucial features will be addressed. The lack of transparency regarding these fixes further adds to the frustration of the gaming community.

Storm Connections finds itself under intense scrutiny for its flawed online functionality and subpar voice acting, particularly in the English dub. The community, while appreciating any positive changes, remains skeptical about the developers’ priorities and the timeline for essential updates. As players eagerly await improvements to their gaming experience, the ball is firmly in Bandai Namco’s court to deliver on their promises and regain the trust of the disappointed player base.

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