Starfield Players Showcase Creative Talent with Dollar General and More


  • Starfield players get creative, put Dollar General and more in the game’s space world.
  • They blend pop culture and game elements but face challenges on Earth’s scarcity.
  • PC and Xbox players keep crafting, from Star Wars ships to funny ducks in space.

In the rapidly expanding universe of Starfield, players are demonstrating their creative prowess by seamlessly integrating real-world landmarks and retail stores into the game’s futuristic narrative. A prominent figure in this creative movement is a user known as St4rboy, who recently brought Dollar General, a well-known American discount store chain, into Bethesda’s virtual cosmos.

Starfield, acclaimed for its extensive open-world gameplay, empowers players to explore the galaxy while paying homage to various elements of pop culture. This includes crafting detailed character recreations and constructing spacecraft inspired by legendary sci-fi vessels. However, players have taken this a step further, embracing the challenge of recreating familiar establishments like the Waffle House and even Blockbuster Video in a futuristic context.

Real-world retail meets sci-fi in Starfield

In the vast reaches of Starfield’s virtual galaxy, players are proving that imagination knows no bounds. St4rboy, a user active on TikTok, has taken on the ambitious task of introducing recognizable elements of American life into the game. His latest creation, a Dollar General store, stands as a testament to this creative endeavor.

The Dollar General store, positioned next to a futuristic Waffle House and NASA launch tower near Cape Canaveral, Florida, recreates the familiar shopping experience found in the retail chain. Complete with shelves, drink coolers, and cargo dollies masquerading as shopping carts, St4rboy’s attention to detail is evident. An exterior landing pad cleverly serves as the parking lot, catering not only to shoppers but also humorously hinting at potential skirmishes.

Pop culture references and player creations

The charm of Starfield lies in its capacity to blend the fantastical with the familiar. Players have harnessed this potential to pay homage to beloved pop culture icons through creative constructions. Earlier, St4rboy showcased a futuristic Waffle House, a symbol of American roadside dining, set against a backdrop of space-age technology. 

Furthermore, another player made waves by reviving the nostalgic memory of Blockbuster Video, a bygone era in home entertainment. This digital resurrection was made possible through the game’s flexible level editor, which allowed the faithful recreation of the iconic video rental store.

Challenges of resource-scarce earth

While the temptation to recreate real-world establishments is strong, Starfield’s storyline introduces a sobering narrative backdrop. Earth has been transformed into a barren and resource-scarce wasteland, spurring humanity’s expansion into the Settled Systems. The planet’s limitations in terms of valuable resources and the game’s restrictions on outpost construction present players with strategic challenges.

In the pursuit of creative endeavors, players must weigh the benefits of these real-world recreations against the game’s overarching narrative. Earth’s dire state serves as a reminder of the larger galactic backdrop against which players must operate. Prudent resource management and strategic decision-making become vital aspects of gameplay.

As Starfield continues to captivate players on PC and Xbox Series X/S platforms, the community’s creative potential appears limitless. From meticulously crafted ships inspired by iconic franchises like Star Wars and Batman to whimsical designs such as a spaceship shaped like a duck, players are continually pushing the boundaries of what is achievable within the game’s creative systems.

Starfield’s open-world playground offers a canvas for players to blend the familiar with the futuristic, celebrating pop culture while navigating the challenges of a resource-scarce Earth. As the player community becomes increasingly comfortable with the game’s creative systems, it’s safe to say that we can anticipate a stream of imaginative and boundary-pushing creations in the days and weeks to come.

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