Starbucks ends NFT program, shifts focus amid Web3 evolution


  • Starbucks ends the NFT program, closing Odyssey Beta on March 31.
  • Users can still trade Odyssey stamps on the Nifty marketplace.
  • Experts predict the NFT market will grow with real-world applications in 2024.

Starbucks Corporation has announced the conclusion of its pioneering Odyssey Beta program, which allowed customers to earn and trade digital collectible stamps known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The program, launched in November 2022, enabled users to participate in coffee-themed games and challenges, earning digital stamps that could unlock various benefits and interactive experiences.

Transition and closure details

The multinational coffee chain disclosed that the Odyssey Beta program would officially conclude on March 31. Alongside this cessation, Starbucks will shutter the marketplace where users trade digital stamps and disband the associated community Discord server.

Despite the termination of the Odyssey program, Starbucks assures users that they can continue to buy, sell, and transfer their acquired Odyssey stamps on the Nifty marketplace.

While the exact reasoning behind Starbucks’ decision to discontinue the NFT program remains undisclosed, the company emphasizes the need to adapt and prepare for forthcoming developments in its initiatives.

Starbucks initially embraced the NFT trend during a tumultuous period for the cryptocurrency industry, opting for the Polygon network due to its lower energy consumption than traditional proof-of-work blockchains. This decision aligned with Starbucks’ commitment to environmental sustainability.

Industry trends and outlook

The closure of Starbucks’ NFT program reflects broader shifts within the Web3 space. Other notable entities, such as GameStop and Meta (formerly Facebook), have also recently withdrawn from NFT-related endeavors.

Industry experts and executives foresee a maturation of the NFT market, with real-world applications emerging. Vineet Budki, CEO of Cypher Capital, anticipates that NFTs will evolve into valuable tools with practical applications in 2024. Similarly, Oh Thongsrinoon, Chief Marketing Officer of Altava Group, highlights the expanding utility of NFTs beyond profile pictures, envisioning implementations in industries like precious metals and real estate.


While Starbucks’ departure from the NFT space may raise questions about the technology’s long-term viability, the broader industry remains optimistic about its potential. As various sectors explore novel applications for NFTs, the landscape of digital ownership and asset representation continues to evolve.

Starbucks’ decision to end its Odyssey Beta program signals a strategic shift in focus, reflecting the dynamic nature of the Web3 landscape. As the NFT market matures and diversifies, businesses must adapt to emerging trends and opportunities, ensuring continued relevance and innovation in the digital realm.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, the future of NFTs holds promise for both creators and consumers, offering new avenues for expression, engagement, and value creation. While Starbucks bids farewell to its NFT initiative, the journey of digital collectibles continues to unfold, shaping tomorrow’s digital economy.

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