Star Wars Eclipse Will Walk a Tightrope with Yoda


  • Quantic Dream is developing the video game “Star Wars: Eclipse,” set in the High Republic era, offering a unique experience in the Star Wars universe.
  • The game, inspired by Quantic Dream’s previous titles, will not have a traditional game over screen, allowing protagonists to die, and the story will adapt.
  • Despite being announced in 2021, “Star Wars: Eclipse” remains in development without a release window, and Quantic Dream assures it’s progressing.

In 2021, Quantic Dream, a renowned game developer, surprised fans by announcing their collaboration with Disney on a new Star Wars game. This announcement marked a departure from Disney’s exclusive partnership with EA for Star Wars games. Quantic Dream’s project stood out for its focus on single-player storytelling and its setting in the relatively unexplored High Republic era of the Star Wars universe.

Game mechanics and storytelling

The initial teaser trailer for “Star Wars Eclipse” generated considerable excitement among fans. It offered glimpses of unique alien races, lightsaber battles, and even the iconic character Yoda. However, after the initial reveal, details about the game became scarce, leading to speculation about its status and development progress.

Recent information from Quantic Dream’s Vice President of Marketing, Lisa Pendse, provides insight into the game’s current state. Pendse confirmed that “Star Wars Eclipse” is still in development, dispelling concerns that it might have been shelved. While she acknowledged that the game is not yet ready for release, she used the term “simmering” to describe its ongoing progress.

“Star Wars Eclipse” is categorized as an action-adventure game, a genre relatively uncharted by Quantic Dream. However, the developer aims to maintain its signature elements, including intricately branching narratives and multiple playable characters. Notably, the game will not have a traditional “game over” screen. Instead, it will allow any character to die, and the story will adapt and continue, ensuring a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.

Comparison with previous models

Quantic Dream’s track record includes critically acclaimed titles like “Heavy Rain” and “Detroit: Become Human.” While these games received praise for their storytelling, they also faced criticism for their writing and heavy-handed themes. As such, it remains to be seen how “Star Wars Eclipse” will be received by both fans and critics in terms of its narrative and gameplay.

Additionally, the impact of “Star Wars Eclipse” on the Star Wars canon is a matter of curiosity. With its branching narrative and unique storyline, the game could potentially introduce new elements to the broader Star Wars lore.

“Star Wars Eclipse” is still actively in development by Quantic Dream, and while it is not yet ready for release, the developer is committed to delivering an action-adventure game with their signature storytelling elements. Fans eagerly await further updates on this exciting addition to the Star Wars gaming universe.

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