Roblox CEO Requires Remote Workers to Return to Office or Face Job Loss


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  • Roblox mandates in-person work for remote employees, citing innovation and mentorship needs.
  • Severance packages are offered to workers facing job loss due to office return requirements.
  • The gaming industry follows a trend of reversing remote work policies, raising employee concerns.

In a significant policy shift, Roblox CEO David Baszucki has informed the company’s remote workers that they must transition back to in-person work, with a three-day office schedule required at the company’s San Mateo headquarters. Failure to comply with this new policy could result in job termination. The announcement was made in a memo sent on October 17 and subsequently published on the official Roblox website. Baszucki cited the need for in-person collaboration, mentorship opportunities, and the integration of real-life and digital workspaces as reasons for this decision.

Deadline for decision and severance packages

Remote employees affected by this change have until January 16, 2024, to decide whether they will relocate and work in the office or pursue other opportunities. For those unwilling to make the transition, an additional three-month window will be provided to find new employment. To ease the transition for affected employees, Roblox has promised to provide a severance package. The specifics of these packages will vary depending on each individual employee’s level and terms of service but will include six months of healthcare coverage for everyone on the employee’s plan.

Exemptions and niche skill sets

It’s important to note that not all remote workers will be impacted by this policy shift. The memo mentioned that certain teams and roles, such as those related to data and call centers, will continue to work remotely. Additionally, employees with niche skill sets that can effectively operate in a remote capacity will be exempt from the mandatory return to the office.

Roblox’s motivation for the change

In his memo, Baszucki emphasized that this decision was not taken lightly. He acknowledged the significant impact it would have on employees and their families. However, he pointed out that Roblox is fundamentally an innovation company and that the return to in-person work was deemed essential. He expressed concerns about the development and mentorship opportunities that remote work might hinder, particularly for new college graduates and early-career professionals who benefit from social interaction and mentorship provided by senior employees.

Roblox’s decision to reintroduce in-person work marks a notable shift from its stance in May of the previous year when the company had indicated that remote work would be an ongoing option for its employees. The company had even introduced innovative approaches to blend real-life and digital workspaces, such as an in-game recruitment center where potential employees could explore opportunities within Roblox and possibly even interview for positions.

This recent policy change aligns with a broader trend in the tech and gaming industry. Just last month, Ubisoft Montreal also made headlines for reversing its work-from-home policy, leading to frustration and anger among its employees. The gaming industry, which has traditionally been more accommodating of remote work, is now grappling with the challenges and benefits of in-person collaboration.

Roblox’s decision to require remote workers to return to the office for at least three days a week has generated both support and concern within the company. While it underscores the importance of in-person collaboration and mentorship, it also poses significant challenges for employees who may need to relocate or seek alternative employment. The company has assured affected employees of severance packages to ease the transition.

As the gaming industry navigates the evolving landscape of work arrangements, it remains to be seen how this shift will impact the productivity and culture of companies like Roblox. The decision reflects the broader debate over the future of work in a post-pandemic world, with companies reevaluating the balance between remote and in-person work

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