Pokemon Go Trainer Secures Victory with Exceptional One-in-Two-Million Shiny Find


  • A Pokémon Go trainer found a rare shiny Bidoof with zero perfect stats, shocking everyone.
  • Other players praised the amazing catch, saying it’s harder to find than a perfect shiny.
  • The search for rare Pokémon continues, keeping the game exciting for all trainers.

Pokemon Go witnessed a remarkable event as a trainer captured global attention with an unprecedented encounter with a shiny Bidoof, causing shockwaves within the community. With odds as rare as one in two million, this extraordinary feat has sparked widespread fascination among fans worldwide.

Shinies are the holy grail for Pokémon Go players, motivating them to explore the virtual realm tirelessly. Recently, one trainer shattered records by stumbling upon a shiny Bidoof boasting impeccable stats of 0/0/0, pushing the boundaries of rarity within the game. 

This extraordinary find has sent shockwaves through the Pokémon Go community, reigniting the passion and enthusiasm for capturing these elusive creatures. As players strive to emulate this remarkable feat, pursuing rare Pokémon reaches new heights, fueling the excitement and sense of adventure that define the Pokémon experience.

Upon sharing the extraordinary find on Reddit, the trainer, known as ‘Alextricity,’ received praise and admiration from fellow players. Comments flooded in, acknowledging the unparalleled rarity of a 0 IV shiny Pokémon.

Zero IV rarity in Pokémon Go

In Pokémon Go, Individual Values (IVs) are crucial in determining a Pokémon’s overall strength and potential. While players typically aim for creatures with perfect IVs, a phenomenon known as ‘nundo’ has emerged, representing Pokémon with zero IVs. These ‘nundo’ Pokémon are exceptionally rare finds, contrasting sharply with the common pursuit of perfect IV creatures. 

Their scarcity adds a layer of intrigue and challenge to the game, captivating players who seek to defy the odds and capture these elusive zero IV marvels. As trainers venture forth in their quest for Pokémon mastery, encountering a ‘nundo’ becomes a testament to perseverance and luck, elevating the excitement and allure of the Pokémon Go experience.

Unveiling the astounding odds

In the vast expanse of Pokémon Go’s virtual world, the probability of encountering a 0 IV shiny Bidoof in the wild is nothing short of staggering: a mere one in 2,097,152. Even the most seasoned players grappled with disbelief upon learning of this astronomical figure. The sheer magnitude of this statistical rarity is a testament to the unparalleled achievement of the trainer who defied the odds. 

Such a feat resonates deeply within the Pokémon Go community, sparking awe and admiration among players worldwide. As the hunt for rare Pokémon continues to captivate enthusiasts, the significance of this remarkable encounter serves as a reminder of the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to venture into the realm of augmented reality gaming.

“I’ve never encountered a 0 IV Pokémon, let alone a shiny,” remarked one trainer, highlighting the rarity of this occurrence. Another player, despite reaching a high level in the game and boasting numerous accomplishments, confessed to never encountering a ‘nundo’ shiny Pokémon.

Comparatively, the rarity of a 0 IV shiny Bidoof surpasses that of its perfect IV counterpart. This rarity stems from the game’s mechanics, which set minimum IV floors in certain encounters, making attaining zero IV Pokémon exceptionally challenging.

While the Pokémon Go community revels in the awe-inspiring discovery of the shiny Bidoof, the quest for rare Pokémon persists. Trainers continue to explore the virtual realm in search of elusive creatures like Frigibax and Larvesta, each encounter adding to the thrill of the game.

The revelation of a 0 IV shiny Bidoof has redefined what it means to achieve rarity in Pokémon Go. As players reflect on the astonishing odds and unparalleled rarity of such a find, the spirit of adventure and discovery burns brighter than ever in the hearts of trainers worldwide.

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