PlayStation 5 Slim Teardown Reveals Key Details Ahead of Release


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  • Gamers get sneak peek at lighter PS5 Slim with easier disc drive, mixed glossy and matte look, and similar power use as the original.
  • YouTube creators Dave2D and Linus Tech Tips dig into PS5 Slim details, with one questioning its design.
  • Slim’s release on November 8 may lead to discounts on older PlayStation models.

YouTube creators have wasted no time in dissecting the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 Slim, offering early insights into its inner workings and design nuances. The concise breakdown from each YouTuber provides essential findings from these teardowns, shedding light on what gamers can expect from this streamlined version of Sony’s next-gen console.

Lighter and sleeker: a brief overview

The PlayStation 5 Slim, unofficially dubbed as such, has already caught the attention of tech enthusiasts for several compelling reasons:

Weight reduction: It’s approximately 700-800 grams lighter than its predecessor, a factor that could enhance its portability and convenience for gamers.

Disc drive innovation: Unlike the original PS5, the Slim’s disc drive doesn’t require screws; instead, it conveniently plugs in, simplifying maintenance and potential upgrades.

Enhanced accessibility: With four removable panels (compared to the original’s two), the Slim offers increased accessibility for those who want to explore its internals.

Design aesthetics: The Slim’s design features a mix of glossy and matte panels, a departure from the original’s uniform look.

Ventilation simplified: Unlike the ridged venting on the original PS5, the Slim opts for a more straightforward approach to airflow.

Standalone stand: The horizontal stand consists of a pair of plastic feet, contributing to the console’s streamlined appearance.

Acoustic improvements: While marginally quieter than the original, the Slim doesn’t bring about a significant reduction in noise levels.

Power consumption: The PS5 Slim consumes roughly the same amount of power as its predecessor, maintaining performance standards.

In-depth teardowns

Two prominent YouTube channels, Dave2D and Linus Tech Tips, have undertaken in-depth teardowns of the PlayStation 5 Slim, each providing unique perspectives on the console.

Dave2D’s takeaway: aesthetic concerns

Dave2D’s teardown showcased an attention to detail and an honest critique of the Slim’s design. Despite a penchant for previous slim PlayStation models, Dave2D expressed reservations about the Slim’s aesthetics, signaling that Sony may have missed the mark in this department.

Linus Tech Tips’ thorough examination

Linus Tech Tips, on the other hand, delivered a more comprehensive teardown, offering viewers an extensive look at the console’s inner workings. This teardown highlighted the collaborative effort between Linus Tech Tips and DBrand, a company known for third-party PS5 faceplates. Despite DBrand’s previous jabs at Sony, the partnership was surprisingly cooperative, indicating that legal issues were not a concern.

The official name debate

While Sony hasn’t officially named this iteration the “Slim,” the term has become widely accepted in the gaming community. With its release slated for November 8th, anticipation is growing. Additionally, some industry experts speculate that retailers may begin discounting the older, original PS5 model in response to the Slim’s arrival.

The PlayStation 5 Slim teardowns by Dave2D and Linus Tech Tips offer gamers a sneak peek into the inner workings and design choices of this upcoming console. With a lighter build, simplified disc drive, and improved accessibility, the Slim promises a compelling gaming experience. The glossy and matte panels, along with the updated venting, contribute to its distinct appearance.

While early critiques of its aesthetics vary, the PS5 Slim’s performance remains on par with its predecessor, offering a familiar gaming experience. As the release date approaches, gamers eagerly await the opportunity to explore this new addition to the PlayStation family, and retailers may soon make room for the Slim by offering discounts on the original model.

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