Palworld Seeks Testers for New Content


  • Palworld announces closed testing program to refine upcoming content before public release.
  • Testing program emphasizes commitment to improve game quality through bug hunting.
  • Palworld’s massive success continues with over two million concurrent players on Steam.

Palworld, the breakout hit developed by Pocketpair, has announced a closed testing program aimed at refining upcoming content before its public release. The studio is actively seeking players to participate in this initiative, emphasizing the importance of identifying and addressing any bugs or issues prior to the content going live.

Purpose of the testing program

The Palworld team, through community manager Bucky, has revealed intentions to introduce new content to the game. However, before this content is made available to the wider player base, Pocketpair is keen on thoroughly testing it. The primary objective of the testing program is to enhance the overall quality of the game by ironing out any existing bugs or potential issues.

Call for dedicated testers

While the prospect of early access to new content may be enticing, it’s essential to note that the testing program is not designed for leisurely play or gaining early access to features. Bucky underscored the importance of commitment from participants, stressing that the testing environment is crucial for identifying and resolving any flaws in the upcoming content.

Interested players are encouraged to fill out the Palworld Testing Application form to express their willingness to participate. The form serves as a means for Pocketpair to gauge the dedication and suitability of potential testers. It also reiterates that the testing program will involve encountering unfinished aspects of the game and that testers will not have access to the full Palworld experience during the testing phase.

Palworld’s remarkable success

Since its early access launch, Palworld has experienced significant success, attracting a massive player base and garnering attention across various gaming platforms. Notably, the game achieved a milestone on Steam, with over two million concurrent players recorded, placing it among an elite few to achieve such staggering numbers. Additionally, Microsoft announced Palworld’s status as the largest third-party launch in Game Pass history, further solidifying its prominence in the gaming community.

Palworld’s closed testing program signifies Pocketpair’s commitment to delivering a polished gaming experience to its dedicated player base. By enlisting the help of testers, the studio aims to ensure that upcoming content meets the highest standards of quality and functionality before its official release. As the game continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the collaborative efforts of developers and players alike will undoubtedly contribute to its ongoing success.

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