Optimizing the FR Advancer: A Season 5 Warzone Loadout Guide

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  • The FR Advancer in Season 5 of Warzone benefits from a custom loadout focusing on mobility and speed, making it effective on smaller maps
  • Attachments like the 395mm FR Minibore barrel, 5.56 High Velocity ammo, and the 45 Round Mag improve maneuverability and mid-range performance
  • This loadout helps players maintain control in close to mid-range fights, making the FR Advancer a formidable choice for aggressive gameplay

In Season 5 of Call of Duty, Warzone, and Modern Warfare 2, players were introduced to the FR Advancer assault rifle. This weapon bears a striking resemblance to the FFAR-1 from the Black Ops Cold War, making it a familiar choice for those who have used the FFAR before. The FR Advancer shares many characteristics with its predecessor, including a high fire rate, manageable recoil, and excellent handling. However, to truly maximize its potential in Warzone, players must customize their loadout with the right attachments.

When considering the ideal loadout for the FR Advancer in Warzone, it’s essential to understand its strengths and weaknesses. This rifle excels in close to mid-range combat situations, thanks to its aggressive nature. With this in mind, a loadout should prioritize speed and mobility over long-range enhancements. While including attachments for mid-long-range engagements is crucial, the focus should remain on utilizing the FR Advancer’s aggressive capabilities.

The FR advancer’s competitive edge

The recommended loadout for the FR Advancer in Warzone is as follows:

Barrel: 395mm FR Minibore

The 395mm FR Minibore barrel is the foundation of this loadout. It enhances the rifle’s overall mobility without significantly compromising other statistics. This barrel choice allows players to maneuver swiftly and maintain high agility during engagements.

Stock: FR Sprinter

The FR Sprinter stock is a valuable addition to this loadout to further enhance mobility and speed. It enables players to aim down sights more swiftly and easily transition between targets, making it ideal for close-quarters combat scenarios.

Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity

The 5.56 High-Velocity ammunition attachment is selected to improve bullet velocity. This enhancement ensures that bullets travel to their target more rapidly, increasing the likelihood of hitting moving or distant opponents. It’s a crucial addition to make the FR Advancer more effective in medium-range battles.

Magazine: 45 Round Mag

Reloading during intense firefights can be a fatal distraction. To mitigate this issue, the 45-round Mag is included in the loadout. This extended magazine capacity ensures that players don’t have to reload as frequently, allowing them to maintain constant pressure on their opponents.

Rear Grip: RMT Grip

While the loadout predominantly focuses on speed and mobility, the RMT Grip is chosen to improve overall weapon control. This grip attachment enhances recoil management, making it easier for players to stay on target during sustained fire. It strikes a balance between mobility and stability, making the FR Advancer more versatile in combat.

By following this loadout configuration, players can harness the full potential of the FR Advancer in Warzone. While it may not be the most dominant weapon in Season 5, this loadout is designed to help players find success when using the FR Advancer in aggressive playstyles and smaller maps.

Smaller maps in Warzone are particularly well-suited for the FR Advancer’s aggressive nature. These environments provide ample opportunities for close-range engagements, where the rifle’s high fire rate and mobility shine. Al Mazrah, for example, is a map where the FR Advancer can be effectively employed to dominate opponents in tight spaces.

Mastering close-quarters combat

It’s important to note that this loadout balances mobility and mid-range effectiveness. While the primary goal is to play aggressively, it’s essential to have the flexibility to engage in medium-range gunfights when necessary. The 395mm FR Minibore barrel and 5.56 High-Velocity ammunition cater to this need by improving bullet velocity and maneuverability.

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