Nightingale Developer Removes AMD FSR 3 Support Ahead of Launch


  • Inflexion Games removes AMD FSR 3 from Nightingale due to crash issues, prioritizing stability.
  • Collaboration with external teams underway to address Nightingale’s crash-related problems.
  • Despite setbacks, Inflexion Games maintains transparency and commitment to player satisfaction.

Inflexion Games, the developer behind the highly anticipated survival game Nightingale, has made the decision to remove support for AMD FSR 3 due to identified crash issues. Despite initial plans to incorporate the upscaling technology, the studio has opted to prioritize stability for its upcoming release.

Crash data analysis leads to removal

Following an analysis of crash data, Inflexion Games has determined that AMD FSR 3 integration is causing instability within Nightingale. The decision to remove FSR 3 support stems from the studio’s commitment to delivering a polished and reliable gaming experience to its player base. While the exact cause of the crashes remains elusive, the studio is actively working with external teams, potentially including representatives from AMD, to identify and address the underlying problems.

Inflexion Games understands the importance of preemptive measures in ensuring the success of Nightingale’s launch. By proactively addressing issues related to AMD FSR 3, the studio aims to mitigate any potential disruptions to gameplay and maintain player satisfaction.

Efforts to address the situation

Despite the setback caused by the removal of AMD FSR 3 support, Inflexion Games remains dedicated to providing players with optimal performance and gameplay experiences. While attempts are being made to implement an older version of the technology, namely AMD FSR 2, the studio acknowledges that this solution may not be ready in time for the game’s early access launch.

The decision to prioritize stability over feature implementation underscores Inflexion Games’ commitment to delivering a high-quality product. By focusing on resolving crash-related issues and optimizing performance, the studio aims to ensure that Nightingale meets player expectations upon release.

Transparent communication and future plans

In an exemplary display of transparency, Inflexion Games has communicated openly with its player base regarding the removal of AMD FSR 3 support. The studio recognizes the importance of maintaining trust and confidence among its fans and players, especially in light of unforeseen challenges during the development process.

By providing clear explanations and outlining future plans, Inflexion Games seeks to reassure players that their concerns are being addressed. While the absence of AMD FSR 3 support may impact performance for some players, the studio remains committed to implementing alternative solutions and optimizing the game’s performance post-launch.

As the release date for Nightingale draws near, players can rest assured that the studio is dedicated to delivering a stable and enjoyable gaming experience. While the removal of AMD FSR 3 support may present challenges, Inflexion Games’ proactive approach to addressing issues demonstrates its commitment to player satisfaction.

With ongoing efforts to resolve crash-related issues and optimize performance, Nightingale promises to be a compelling addition to the survival game genre. Inflexion Games’ transparency and dedication to quality assurance ensure that players can look forward to an immersive and engaging gameplay experience upon the game’s release.

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