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The increase in blockchain-related developments has given birth to several projects in different fields, including the health sector. Biotechnology industries now utilize cryptographic systems to ensure that humans live a healthy and long life. Moon Rabbit is one of such projects in the Biotech sector that is leveraging a cryptographic distributed system and conducting investigative research on aging prevention and aging therapy to attain its goal of improving human life.

An interesting sidelight is the project’s identity that is deeply rooted in the Asian folklore of the Moon Rabbit, which deals with the long-standing captivating search for eternal life. Moon Rabbit intends to incentivize researchers and entrepreneurs in the longevity space to spur R&D that could unlock the secret to immortality.

Radical aging prevention is currently an overlooked niche, yet it offers the biggest potential for life extension. Longevity DAO will be providing various resources and acceleration to these startups. In exchange, they will only be using AAA as the exclusive cryptocurrency for the sale of their goods and services.

Moon Rabbit

Read on for more information about Moon Rabbit, its token, AAA, and relevant price analysis, and price forecast.

What is Moon Rabbit?

Moon Rabbit is a cross-chain protocol or distributed crypto-agglomerate that constitutes several systems known as “Jurisdictions,” that unites digital currencies and distributed ledgers.

The project features a substrate-based infrastructure that provides interoperability, full scalability and enables any project to launch their blockchain, cryptocurrency, or anything else. 

The flagship project of the Moon Rabbit team is the Longevity DAO that utilizes crypto and Web3 to promote longevity ecosystems. The Moon Rabbit project is led by Angel Versetti, a serial investopreneur and Forbes list award winner.

Benefits to Longevity Startups


Issue your own utility or security token or tokenize your intellectual property. We provide the technical framework for white label blockchain launch as one of Moon Rabbit’s Jurisdictions. Access funding and liquidity instantly.


Support an active community of researchers, developers, and contributors to your project, by providing them instant incentive model rewarding quality data or model submissions. Permit unique groupings of people into mini-DAOs.

WEB3 Database

Scalable, secure distributed networks for sharing, processing, and storing data with sovereign ownership, meta-jurisdictional exchange, privacy preservation, and immutability. Moon Rabbit has made long-standing dreams of blockchain come true.

The Moon Rabbit Token (AAA)

The native token of the Moon Rabbit network is AAA, and it is utilized as trade collateral and the ecosystem’s governance token.

Moon Rabbit Past Price Analysis

According to Coinmarketcap, the earliest data obtained for Moon Rabbit (AAA) shows that it began trading on the digital assets market on August 25, 2021, with a price of $0.002555 and a trading volume of $24,345,396. The coin gained momentum, and a few days later, it attained its current all-time high of $0.005784. In September 2021, AAA traded within the range of $0.01101 – $0.004896, and at the end of the month, its closing price was $0.001458.

At the time of writing, the market value of AAA is $0.001876, and its market cap is over $17.6 million. It has a 24h vol of $5,225,486, down by around 30% in the last 24 hours. Moon Rabbit ranks at 2,794 in the cryptocurrency market, and its total supply is 8.88 Billion AAA.

As a cryptocurrency trader/investor, you are probably already pondering on the short-term & long-term potentials of Moon Rabbit. Here are our expert price forecasts for the Moon Rabbit digital currency.

Moon Rabbit (AAA) Price Prediction by Digitalcoinprice

As per Moon Rabbit price prediction from Digitalcoinprice, the asset is expected to trade at an average of $0.0029558544 in October 2021. In November 2021, a 10.88% rise in the average price of Moon Rabbit is predicted, which translates to a market price of $0.0031682400.

In the final month of 2021, an average price of USD 0.0032324785 is predicted for Moon Rabbit (AAA) – a 3.29% increase from the previous month.

In 2022, Moon Rabbit is expected to start the year on a high, with an average price of USD 0.0038698577 in January – an upward price change of 32.6% from the previous month. Also, an average price of USD 0.0033714266 is expected in December 2022.

AAA Price Prediction by Wallet Investor

According to the short-term (14-day period) Moon Rabbit price prediction from Wallet Investor, the forecast trend line shows a positive trend. AAA is projected to trade at USD 0.002020 by November 6, 2021.

In the long run (one-year period), the price prediction from Wallet Investor below is bearish, as the price of Moon Rabbit is forecasted to fall below its S1, S2, and S3 support levels at USD 0.00182, USD 0.00174, and USD 0.00160.

In the worst-case scenario, AAA’s price and market cap could hit USD 0.00 by November 2022.

Moon Rabbit (AAA) Price Prediction 2021-2025

According to the price predictions and technical analysis, Moon Rabbit has potential in the short term, and if investors trust the coin, it could achieve a price rise to USD 0.003 by December 2021.

Moon Rabbit Price Prediction 2022

Based on the predictions, AAA is expected to attain a maximum price of USD 0.003858 and a minimum price of USD 0.002949. However, the long-term prospects of the cryptocurrency are questionable, and if the bears take over, AAA’s price could drop below USD 0.001.

Moon Rabbit Price Prediction 2023

If Moon Rabbit (AAA) continues with the predicted upward trend from 2022, it could well be on the way to climbing past the USD 0.0046 mark. Its minimum expected price is USD 0.003319. On the other hand, if investor sentiments continue to dwindle, the price of AAA could bottom even further and attain new lows.

Moon Rabbit Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, experts predict a minimum price of USD 0.004015 and a maximum price of USD 0.005205. On the flip side, further price regressions may occur; hence, investors should watch for dipping price actions.

Moon Rabbit Price Prediction 2025

As earlier established, the future price of Moon Rabbit could reach USD 0 before 2025 if investor sentiment shifts entirely from the coin. However, if AAA continues its bullish cycle from 2024, cryptocurrency investors may be set for a good return, as the coin could hit and surpass its current all-time high. Its minimum expected price for the year is USD 0.004892, and its maximum price is USD 0.006692.


Most investors are usually more concerned about the long-term prospects of any digital asset and how the value of its token is affected. These prospects will be dependent on the adoption of the network’s offering, market shifts, etc. The framework offered by Moon Rabbit explores biotechnology and hopes to provide therapy for radical aging and longevity.

The Moon Rabbit is designed to be a system of systems, uniting all distributed ledgers and becoming the ultimate protocol to unite various chains at an abstract level — a Metachain. However, the adoption of the network remains questionable, so is the value of its native token.

The Moon Rabbit price predictions above are contradictory; therefore, potential investors must conduct in-depth research before deciding if AAA is right for them. In addition, it is essential to note that this price forecast is not financial advice to invest in AAA; always do your research.


Where to buy and sell Moon Rabbit?

AAA is listed on a few digital currency exchanges, and investors can leverage the trading pairs on those platforms to buy Moon Rabbit. Some of the exchanges are Uniswap (V3), Probit Global, MEXC, Bit Global, Hotbit, and BitMart.

On Uniswap (V3), Moon Rabbit (AAA) is available as a traded pair against ETH, Wrapped ETH, USDT, and BAT. Hotbit, MEXC, BitMart, Probit Global, and Bit Global offer only an AAA/USDT trading pair.

Is Moon Rabbit a profitable investment?

Based on our technical analysis and Moon Rabbit price forecast, it could be a good investment in the short term, but you will have to pay more attention to the market in the long term.

What is Moon Rabbit price today?

The current price of AAA is $0.001876, and its market cap is over $12.7 million.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.
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