Leaders in innovation: MDS Mexico adopts blockchain to enhance healthcare


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  • Utilizing digital ledger for ethical projects with high social responsibility.
  • The coronavirus disease has brought the need for confidentiality in the provision of patient data.

The MDS Mexico, a company dedicated to improving healthcare in Mexico, has introduced a modern covid-19 testing service. The health care provider that leads in innovation will use blockchain technology to verify a patient’s clinical results. Patients can be allowed access to test results in real-time using a matrix barcode.

With modern technology, patients can get their results privately delivered to them and a QR code to verify the data. The service allows access to a patient’s vaccination history reserved on the MDS Mexico blockchain. A coded signature from the medical practitioner who confirmed the results is also available.

MDS embraced blockchain technology to ensure the safety of an individual’s clinical results. They further wanted to safeguard patients’ confidential data and block the alteration of covid 19 test results.

Other companies that have adopted blockchain

Apart from the MDS, the National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO), based in Mexico, also adopted blockchain technology earlier this year. In April, the firm revealed a project backed by the state to digitize vaccination passports with Xertify, a blockchain company. People now can digitize the voucher given by the State Secretary of Health using a certificate of vaccination and an official identification. Furthermore, they can present it in different states and in tourist sites that need it.

Some consultants in Australia also pushed for the adoption of blockchain technology after reports of fake vaccination certificates being sold online for up to $120. The move intended to eradicate counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine passports. The blockchain representatives sought a decentralized digital ledger to authenticate vaccines and certificates.

The science of blockchain

The global adoption of the digital ledger in medical management is limited by several institutional, administration, and technological barriers. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need for secure, decentralized, versatile firms to organize the transfer of large-scale confidential information. The sensitive operations include; vaccination status observation, contact tracing, and COVID-19 health certificate issuance. The needs have led to greater adoption and eradicating most barriers to the general adoption of blockchain technology.

Founded in 2008, MDS Mexico is committed to top-quality health care and continuous improvement. Several global brands support the company and its projects, thus making it the best health care provider. The firm provides equipment, instruments, and medical supplies, in various innovative acquisition models.

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