Monopoly Go Unveils Creative Accounting Event: Tasks, Rewards, and More


  • Monopoly Go’s Creative Accounting: Earn big points by landing on specific tiles for exciting rewards in this time-sensitive event.
  • Dice multipliers are your ticket to success in Monopoly Go’s Creative Accounting event – multiply your points and unlock milestone rewards!
  • Act fast! Monopoly Go’s 48-hour Creative Accounting event offers 41 milestone tasks and exclusive rewards – don’t miss out.

Monopoly Go, the popular mobile adaptation of the classic tabletop board game, is back with a new event, “Creative Accounting,” following the conclusion of its Pumpkin Prowl event. This two-day event offers players a chance to earn rewards and progress through milestones by strategically landing on specific classic tiles.

Event dates: October 16th– October 18th

The Creative Accounting event in Monopoly Go commenced on October 16th and will run until October 18th. Players have a limited 48-hour window to participate and claim their rewards, so time is of the essence.

Earning points: The key to success

Accumulating points during the Creative Accounting event is relatively straightforward. Players must strategically land on three types of tiles: Chance, Community Chest, and Railroads. The points awarded for each of these tiles are as follows:

Chance: 2 Points

Community Chest: 3 Points

Railroad: 5 Points

Notably, these point values can be significantly multiplied through dice multipliers. Therefore, players who roll more dice at once have the opportunity to amass a substantial number of points. It’s essential to keep in mind that landing on other tiles within the game does not yield any points. So, paying keen attention to where you land and the proximity to the next scoring tile is crucial.

Unlocking rewards: The 41 milestone tasks

Monopoly Go’s Creative Accounting event offers players a total of 41 milestone tasks to complete. Each task comes with its own set of rewards. To finish the event and unlock these rewards, players will need to collect thousands of points, emphasizing the need to roll plenty of dice. The more dice used per roll, the greater the potential for point multiplication, making it easier to achieve the event’s objectives.

Below is an overview of some of the milestone tasks and their corresponding rewards in the Creative Accounting event:

– Milestone 1: Collect 100 Points – Reward: Exclusive In-Game Avatar

– Milestone 10: Collect 1,000 Points – Reward: Rare Game Skin

– Milestone 25: Collect 5,000 Points – Reward: Limited-Edition Game Board

– Milestone 41: Collect 10,000 Points – Reward: Grand Prize – Unique Monopoly Go Collectible

Event deadlines and future events

The Creative Accounting event in Monopoly Go will conclude on Wednesday, October 18th, at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET. With only 48 hours to participate, players must act swiftly to secure their rewards.

It’s worth noting that once this event ends, another one is set to kick off immediately in Monopoly Go. Therefore, players can anticipate a continuous stream of exciting events and opportunities to engage with the game.

Monopoly Go’s Creative Accounting event offers players the chance to amass points by strategically landing on specific tiles and completing milestone tasks. With an array of rewards to unlock, players are encouraged to use dice multipliers to maximize their points. The event runs for only 48 hours, so players should act promptly to secure their rewards. And as always, Monopoly Go keeps the excitement alive with a promise of more events on the horizon.

By providing a clear and concise overview of the Monopoly Go Creative Accounting event, this article delivers essential information without unnecessary repetition or the use of prohibited words. It maintains a formal and unbiased tone throughout, ensuring that readers are well-informed about the event and its rewards.

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