Metacore Games Expands to Berlin, Marking First International Venture

Metacore Games


  • Metacore Games expands to Berlin, Europe’s gaming talent hotspot.
  • Merge Mansion hits 50 million downloads, a mobile game sensation.
  • Metacore’s rapid growth continues with EUR 129 million in revenue.

Helsinki-based mobile game developer, Metacore Games, is embarking on its first international expansion, setting its sights on Berlin. The company, one of Europe’s fastest-growing game developers, has enjoyed remarkable success over the past year. Their enigmatic puzzle game, Merge Mansion, recently celebrated a remarkable milestone of 50 million downloads. Additionally, Metacore’s team has experienced exponential growth, expanding from 15 to over 170 professionals in just three years. With a revenue of EUR 129 million in the previous year and ongoing strong growth, Metacore’s second location in Berlin is poised to further accelerate their journey.

Metacore’s CEO, Mika Tammenkoski, shares excitement for Berlin expansion

Mika Tammenkoski, the CEO of Metacore Games, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s expansion into Berlin. “We’ve been planning our expansion and vetting different markets for quite some time now to support our growth and talent acquisition. We’re excited to finally reveal that we’re setting up shop in Germany. Berlin not only has some of the top games talent in the world, but it’s also a hotspot for creative industries and entertainment. We can’t wait to contribute to and collaborate with this vibrant ecosystem,” he stated.

Berlin will serve as the initial home base for Metacore Games’ newly established feature team, which will focus on enhancing their first major success, Merge Mansion. This captivating puzzle game has charmed players worldwide with its enigmatic characters, engaging storyline, and intricate lore. Notably, Merge Mansion’s marketing campaigns have garnered their own share of the spotlight, leveraging Hollywood talent like Kathy Bates and Pedro Pascal to promote the game.

“While the first team on the ground in Berlin will initially focus on Merge Mansion, we currently have multiple games under development and are constantly looking for new talent to help us create and bring new games to the market,” Tammenkoski continued.

Opportunities at Metacore games in Helsinki and Berlin

Metacore Games is actively seeking new talent to join their dynamic team, with job openings in various roles such as producers, game designers, and data analysts available in both Helsinki and Berlin. This expansion not only marks a significant milestone for the company but also highlights their commitment to delivering captivating gaming experiences to players worldwide. As Metacore Games continues to grow and innovate, Berlin serves as a promising hub for their creative endeavors, setting the stage for even more thrilling games in the future.

Metacore Games’ decision to expand to Berlin is rooted in the city’s vibrant creative ecosystem and rich pool of gaming talent. Berlin is renowned not only for its status as a global gaming hub but also as a thriving center for various creative industries and entertainment. With its unique blend of innovation, culture, and diverse talent, Berlin offers an ideal backdrop for Metacore Games to further nurture its creative vision and collaborate with the local talent pool.

A year of remarkable growth for Metacore games

Metacore Games’ expansion into Berlin comes after a remarkable year of growth and achievement. Merge Mansion, their puzzle game sensation, has taken the gaming world by storm, amassing over 50 million downloads and captivating players with its intriguing narrative. This success is coupled with Metacore’s substantial team expansion, growing from a modest team of 15 to a thriving community of over 170 professionals in just three years.

Furthermore, the company achieved impressive revenue of EUR 129 million in the previous year, a testament to their dedication to delivering top-quality gaming experiences. With the Berlin expansion, Metacore Games is poised to continue its upward trajectory, bringing even more innovative and captivating games to players around the globe.

Metacore Games’ expansion into Berlin signifies a significant milestone in the company’s journey, leveraging the city’s creative energy and gaming talent. As they continue to grow and develop new games, their presence in Berlin promises an exciting chapter for both the company and the gaming community at large. With Merge Mansion as a solid foundation and multiple projects in the pipeline, Metacore Games is poised for continued success in the gaming industry.

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