Mastering Skill Point Allocation in Starfield – Tips and Pitfalls



  • Skill point choices in Starfield are permanent – choose wisely!
  • Create backup saves to undo skill point regrets, but beware of losing achievements.
  • PC players can use console commands for skill respeccing, but at a cost.

In the vast and immersive universe of Starfield, players find themselves on a thrilling journey through the cosmos, shaping their characters’ abilities and skills to navigate the challenges that await them. However, as with any role-playing game, choices made in character development can sometimes lead to regret. 

The permanence of skill point decisions

One of the defining features of Starfield’s gameplay is the permanence of skill point allocations. Once a player assigns skill points to various abilities and attributes, there is no “undo” button to reset or reallocate these points. This means that every decision carries weight, as it significantly impacts the gameplay experience.

If a player makes a choice that they later regret, there are limited options available to rectify it. The most straightforward method is to revert to a previous save file before confirming the skill point allocation. This, however, entails replaying certain portions of the game, including dialogues and encounters, to reach the same point where the skill points were initially assigned.

Creating backup save files

To avoid the frustration of permanently misplaced skill points, players are advised to create backup save files strategically. By following a few simple steps, they can ensure they have a safety net to fall back on if they make a decision they later regret:

Press “Esc” on your keyboard: Before opening the Character Menu and tampering with skill points, players should access the pause menu by pressing the “Esc” key.

Select “Save”: Within the pause menu, the “Save” option should be chosen. This action creates a new save file at the current point in the game.

By establishing these backup save files at key moments, players can return to the precise point just before making skill point selections if they find themselves unhappy with their choices.

Considerations when using backup save files

It is important to note that relying on backup save files comes with certain consequences. Using this method will mark the save file as “Modded,” which may disable the ability to earn achievements in the game. Some players consider this a form of “cheating,” as Starfield is intentionally designed to discourage frequent respecs of skill points.

Therefore, it is essential for players to weigh their desire for a perfectly optimized character against their interest in earning in-game achievements. If achievements are a priority, players should exercise caution when employing backup save files for skill point adjustments.

Respeccing with console commands (PC Only)

For those who find themselves determined to respec their skill points without the limitations imposed by backup save files, there is another method available, albeit exclusively for PC players. This method involves the use of console commands and should be used sparingly, considering it also disables achievement progression.

Here are the steps for respeccing using console commands:

Open the console: On a PC, press the single quotation mark (‘ or `) key to access the console.

Remove unwanted perks: Use the command “player.removeperk (Perk ID)” to remove a previously chosen perk. Replace “(Perk ID)” with the specific identifier of the perk you wish to remove.

Add new perks: After removing the undesired perk, players can use the command “player.addperk (Perk ID)” to add a different perk in its place.

While this method offers greater flexibility in adjusting skill points, it should be used judiciously, considering its impact on the gaming experience and the absence of achievements.

In the sprawling universe of Starfield, the allocation of skill points is a pivotal aspect of character development. Players must approach this decision with careful consideration, as the game lacks a built-in respec feature. While backup save files offer a way to rectify skill point choices, they come at the cost of disabling achievements. PC players have an additional option through console commands, but this too has the same drawback.

Ultimately, the choice to respec skill points in Starfield should align with a player’s goals and priorities within the game. Whether they choose to rely on backup saves or utilize console commands, players should remember that every decision they make shapes their journey through the stars and contributes to the unique narrative of their character in the vast cosmos of Starfield.

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