LG Electronics and Oorbit are bringing interoperable virtual worlds to LG TVs 


  • LG Electronics and Oorbit’s partnership is bringing the metaverse experience close to people
  • Enabling consumers to virtually interact in different worlds

The astonishing fact about the metaverse is that it is still far from fully actualized, but people are already discussing its potential benefits. The world is changing much faster than we think, but many people are still ignorant of the metaverse’s meaning and how things would be changed in the future. In order to support this, the most recent announcement made by Oorbit Online to collaborate with LG electronics to bring interoperable gaming experience and social virtual interactions directly to your LG Smart TVs has brought the metaverse gaming world closer to people.

The success of the metaverse will bring several changes in our usual activities, including how we learn, and do business. Within the past few years, Metaverse has changed its perspective from being a fictional sci-fi concept to an inevitable reality. 

Significance of Collaboration and how it will shape the future

Oorbit operates a metaverse platform and has recently joined hands with LG Electronics to bring interoperable virtual worlds to LG TVs. This partnership between Oorbit and LG will bring immersive games and experiences together. Furthermore, it will also make it convenient for users to interact in the metaverse with ease.

LG’s acceptance of the metaverse is worth noting because there always have been metaverse skeptics out there. Considering the future, It will make things much easier for brands and developers to bring their experiences into the metaverse by entering into space where different virtual worlds could be connected together.  

Oorbit Metaverse

The partnership will also increase the scalability of the technology for millions of LG TV users. It would not be wrong to consider it as one of the most effective steps in making the metaverse accessible for all.

LG is also motivated in driving innovation and introducing new, personalized experiences to users, enabling them to easily interact. Consumers will also be able to retain a persistent digital identity from experience to experience, making achievements and purchases portable between different virtual worlds.

Why it could be the next big thing?

It’s all about the vision that LG has to help Oorbit make the metaverse easily accessible to more people through their Smart TVs. How interesting it will turn into when playing with a map bought for one game and taking that same into a concert where it works as a backstage pass.

The digital ownership concept is now practically possible with virtual worlds that are linked through Oorbit. Opening the doors to boundless streams of entertaining content through the devices people already own. The collaboration of LG and Orbit will dramatically speed up and support the idea of connecting different worlds and making them accessible to people.

Oorbit is also into making the world’s premiere technology platform that enables many metaverse experiences conveniently available in one place. Consumers will be able to travel between interoperable virtual worlds with only one identity and digital ownership, discovering entertainment, creative spaces, games, and more.

The Oorbit’s metaverse platform will make it easier for developers to bring their virtual worlds and experiences to people on screens they already own. Another amazing thing to know is that content hosted on Oorbit’s platform is interoperable and connected as a web of interactive content and digital worlds. 


The whole idea is quite impressive but time will show the success of the collaboration. The whole procedure of bringing amazing content from brands, developers, and publishers to the metaverse seems to be virtually flawless. The partnership seems to change the future of the virtual world and the way people will interact in the metaverse.

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