John Deaton running for Senate against Elizabeth Warren


  • John Deaton, a pro-cryptocurrency lawyer, has announced his candidacy for the Massachusetts Senate seat, aiming to unseat Elizabeth Warren.
  • Deaton criticizes Warren’s anti-crypto stance and her approach to cryptocurrency regulation in Washington, D.C.
  • Despite his strong ties to the crypto community, Deaton insists his campaign will focus on broader “kitchen table issues” rather than crypto.

Crypto Twitter’s favorite lawyer, John Deaton, is stepping up to the political plate, declaring his intent to contest for the Massachusetts Senate seat, aiming to unseat the incumbent Elizabeth Warren. Deaton, renowned for his love of crypto, contrasts sharply with Warren’s cautious stance on the digital currency landscape. As he puts it, he’s all geared up to “fight for change” for Massachusetts folks in the Senate.

Deaton’s battle cry, “No fear. Never give up,” encapsulates his readiness to challenge the status quo in Washington, D.C. This mantra is shaped by his journey from challenging beginnings to significant achievements as a U.S. Marine, a successful lawyer, a devoted father, and a cancer survivor. His campaign, set against the backdrop of his website and social media outreach, shows us a man on a mission to rectify what he perceives as the failings of the current political establishment, with Elizabeth Warren as the focal point of his critique.

A Campaign Grounded in Personal Experience

The campaign is a direct opposition to Warren’s stance on cryptocurrency regulation. Deaton, who has been an outspoken critic of the current regulatory approach to cryptocurrency, has notably taken legal action to defend the interests of cryptocurrency holders, exemplifying his commitment to the sector. His professional background, including his role in founding CryptoLaw US and his advocacy for Ripple, highlights his deep involvement and expertise in the cryptocurrency industry.

Deaton’s narrative is deeply personal, rooted in his experiences growing up in poverty, his military service, and his battle with cancer. These experiences, shared on his campaign website, frame his political aspirations and his vision for what he aims to achieve in the Senate. His campaign is not even mainly focused on cryptocurrency; rather, Deaton emphasizes a broader agenda aimed at addressing the fundamental issues facing Massachusetts residents. The legal expert insists that his campaign will prioritize “kitchen table issues” over his crypto advocacy. Speaking to the Boston Globe, Deaton said:

I’m running because I understand the struggles of regular people, people who feel like no matter how hard they work, no matter what they do, they still just can’t seem to get ahead. I understand those struggles because I’ve lived through them.

Diverging Paths and Political Aspirations

John Deaton has articulated a financial strategy that demonstrates his commitment to challenging Elizabeth Warren for the Massachusetts Senate seat. With an initial personal investment of $500,000, Deaton emphasizes the seriousness of his campaign and his willingness to use his resources to connect with voters.

Having donated to both Democratic and Republican causes, Deaton positions himself as a candidate who transcends traditional party boundaries. His criticism of figures like Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and former president Donald Trump, alongside his critique of Elizabeth Warren, showcases his willingness to challenge leaders within both parties.

Deaton relocated from Rhode Island to Swansea, Massachusetts, in late January, where he took steps to integrate into the state by obtaining a Massachusetts driver’s license, registering his car, and planning to file his income taxes there. Following his move, Deaton’s property in Barrington, Rhode Island, was listed for sale on February 17.

Despite the timing of his relocation coinciding with his Senate campaign, Deaton clarified that his decision to move to Massachusetts was not solely motivated by his political aspirations. He professed a longstanding affection for the state, highlighting his extensive legal representation of Massachusetts clients, frequent cross-border visits for shopping and entertainment, and his time living in the Boston area during law school, where he also worked at Legal Sea Foods.

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