ISO 9mm SMG: A Game-Changing Addition to Modern Warfare 2

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  • Modern Warfare 2 introduction of the ISO 9mm SMG in Season Six has set the battlefield ablaze with its unique attributes.
  • The ISO 9mm SMG loadout features a carefully selected combination of attachments and perks.
  • The ISO 9mm SMG is a weapon that encourages an aggressive playstyle.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the introduction of the ISO 9mm SMG in Season Six has set the battlefield ablaze with its unique attributes. Activision, in a recent blog post, describes it as a weapon designed for players who prioritize speed and maneuverability over long-range lethality. With no gimmicks to speak of, the ISO 9mm SMG has quickly become a favorite among players looking to rush and spray down their adversaries.

The ISO 9mm SMG loadout that has been making waves in the Modern Warfare 2 community features a carefully selected combination of attachments and perks. This loadout not only enhances the weapon’s capabilities but also complements the playstyle it encourages.


  • Barrel: 16″ XLB-S: While adding some weight, this barrel attachment significantly improves range, accuracy, and recoil control.
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW: The VLK LZR 7MW laser helps counteract the mobility reduction caused by the 50 Round Drum magazine.
  • Rear Grip: EXP Shear: This rear grip attachment aids in mitigating the effects of the heavy magazine while maintaining handling and control.
  • Stock: MACE 650: Another attachment that adds weight but provides improvements in range, accuracy, and recoil control.

Secondary and equipment

  • Secondary: Players can choose their preferred pistol or the Combat Knife.
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade is recommended for disabling and disorienting enemies.
  • Lethal: Semtex is an ideal choice for dealing explosive damage to opponents.

Perk package

  • Battle Hardened and Double Time: Enhancing resistance to enemy equipment and allowing for faster sprinting, respectively.
  • Fast Hands: Quicker weapon swapping for increased versatility in combat.
  • Ghost: Stay hidden from enemy UAVs and heartbeat sensors.

Field upgrade

  • Dead Silence: Move quietly and avoid enemy detection.
  • Battle Rage: Enhance your chances in close-quarter battles with improved performance.

The ISO 9mm SMG is a weapon that encourages an aggressive playstyle. Its high fire rate, maneuverability, and exceptional steadiness make it ideal for those who prefer getting up close and personal with their opponents. This SMG is not about reinventing the wheel with gimmicks but excels in delivering consistent performance in close-quarters combat.

Balancing capacity and mobility

One of the main challenges when building a loadout for the ISO 9mm SMG is finding the right balance between capacity and mobility. The 50 Round Drum magazine is a must-have attachment to ensure you have enough firepower to handle multiple opponents. However, this attachment comes at the cost of reduced mobility and handling.

To counteract this effect, the VLK LZR 7MW laser and EXP Shear rear grip are invaluable. They help maintain the ISO 9mm’s agility while still allowing you to carry a substantial amount of ammunition, crucial for keeping the pressure on your foes.

To further enhance the ISO 9mm SMG’s performance, the loadout includes the 16″ XLB-S barrel and the MACE 650 stock. These attachments, though heavier, provide significant improvements in range, accuracy, and recoil control. They transform the ISO 9mm into a more versatile weapon capable of taking on enemies at slightly longer distances while still excelling in close combat.

For players familiar with the ISO 45, the ISO 9mm might feel like a sibling, with a slightly different personality. It shares the rapid-fire characteristic but offers a touch more mobility, making it a refreshing alternative. The addition of the MACE 650 stock, in particular, can make it feel like the older brother of the Fennec 45, offering players a unique blend of speed and firepower.

For those who want to lean even further into the ISO 9mm’s high maneuverability, there are alternative attachment options. Consider swapping out the 16″ XLB-S barrel and MACE 650 stock for the Agent Grip underbarrel and the RES 2 stock. These choices prioritize agility over range, providing a setup that’s ideal for aggressive rushers who want to dominate in close quarters.

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