Eerie Engrams: How to Efficiently Obtain Them in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2023


  • Eerie Engrams are a hot item in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2023, found by facing the challenge of Haunted Lost Sectors.
  • More challenge awaits in Legend Haunted Lost Sectors, boosting your chances to snatch those Eerie Engrams.
  • Efficient farming means playing with friends, choosing your battles wisely, and making repeats for those spooky rewards.

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost, a perennial favorite among players, has returned for 2023, coinciding with the culmination of the Season of the Witch. This year brings a fresh twist to the festivities with the introduction of Eerie Engrams, designed to enhance the gaming experience. Acquiring Eerie Engrams during the Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2 is the mission every player should aim to complete.   

Haunted Lost Sectors: the exclusive source of Eerie Engrams

For those eager to amass Eerie Engrams, there exists a singular avenue: the completion of Haunted Lost Sectors. These macabre-themed Lost Sectors offer a unique blend of challenges and rewards. In the 2023 Festival of the Lost, Guardians will not be restricted to standard Haunted Lost Sectors. Bungie has upped the ante by introducing Legend Haunted Lost Sectors to cater to those seeking a more demanding experience.

Eerie Engrams: the prize for your valor

Completing regular Haunted Lost Sectors yields the chance to obtain Eerie Engrams, though success is not guaranteed. However, should Guardians choose to face the increased challenge of Legend Haunted Lost Sectors, the probability of receiving these peculiar engrams is significantly enhanced.

The rewards contained within Eerie Engrams encompass a diverse selection. Among the offerings are Festival of the Lost weapons such as the Jurassic Green pulse rifle and the Horror Story auto rifle, as well as coveted exotic gear. This array of rewards ensures that Guardians of all backgrounds and preferences have something to strive for during the Festival of the Lost.

Guidelines for success: maximizing your Eerie Engram yield

While the process of obtaining Eerie Engrams may seem straightforward, efficiency remains key. Here are some tips for optimizing your Eerie Engram farming:

Choose Your Challenge: Decide whether to tackle normal Haunted Lost Sectors or push your limits in the Legend Haunted Lost Sectors. The latter, while more demanding, provides a higher chance of Eerie Engram drops.

Assemble a Team: Coordinating with fellow Guardians can significantly expedite your progress through Haunted Lost Sectors. Teamwork not only makes the challenge more manageable but also increases the potential for Eerie Engram drops.

Repeat and Refine: To amass Eerie Engrams efficiently, be prepared to revisit Haunted Lost Sectors. Consistency and repetition will yield the best results.

Further adventures in Destiny 2

Beyond the pursuit of Eerie Engrams, Destiny 2 offers a multitude of gaming experiences. For those seeking exclusive rewards and challenges, consider exploring “The Craftening” emblem, available through specific in-game activities. Destiny 2 continues to provide engaging content and activities for both veteran Guardians and newcomers alike.

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost in 2023 introduces the intriguing concept of Eerie Engrams, providing players with an opportunity to engage with the Hocus Focus system and obtain unique rewards. While the path to obtaining Eerie Engrams is relatively straightforward, Guardians can optimize their efforts by selecting the right level of challenge, collaborating with teammates, and embracing repetition. With these strategies in mind, Guardians can make the most of their Festival of the Lost experience, ensuring they acquire the desired rewards from Eerie Engrams. Happy hunting!

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