Fortnite’s new mode saw over a million players this weekend

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  • Fortnite released a new mode, Reload, which has since gained popularity in the gaming community.
  • Fortinite’s Reload mode attracted over one million players over the weekend, reaching 1.6 million gamers at some point.
  • Fortnite’s Reload was inspired by Call of Duty: Warzone’s Resurgence, and the two games share many similar features.

Fortnite released a new game mode last week. The new mode, Reload, was launched on June 22nd and was well received by players. The new Reload mode attracted more than a million players over the weekend. At its peak, more than 1.6 million gamers were active.

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Fortnite Reload saw more than one million players this weekend. The new mode was launched last week and has since gained popularity among players who prefer close-range gaming.

Fortnite Reload gains popularity in the gaming community 

Epic Games surprised fans by announcing and launching its new mode, Fortnite Reload, all in the same week. Fortnite Reload is a shorter-range battle mode compared to Royale. Reload mode places players in close-quarter combat situations consisting of 40 players battling it out in 10 squads. The new mode, Reload, also gives players a new scenery on a much smaller Fortnite Reload Map.

In the Reload mode, teams are pitted against each other in close-range shootouts of a familiar map. Reload is similar to the Battle Royale, which draws out a hundred-person shoot-out at a large island. The Royale mode is unfavorable to players who prefer a more close-knit approach with fewer players and quicker action.

In this mode, players aim to put down numerous opposing squads as they reboot their teammates. Reload provides traditional and zero-build options, meaning players can play it out using guns only or mix it up with building mechanisms. Reload also offers classic weapons and familiar locations such as Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Tilt Towers. 

Fortnite Reload is compared to Call of Duty

Fans have compared the news Fortnite mode to Call of Duty: Warzone’s Resurgence mode due to their similarities in the mechanics. For instance, both games share the reboot feature, where teammates can revive one of their own as long as one squad member in the four-person team still lives. The reboot time varies from 30 to 40 seconds; the respawn timers start the countdown once they have been killed, and when the time reaches zero, a squad member may revive them.

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Rebooting takes some time, which increases as the match progresses. However, the respawning time significantly decreases if teammates are aggressive enough to take out other gamers. For instance, reboot time decreases by two seconds when a teammate downs an enemy and by four seconds if an enemy is completely eliminated. It is important for players to stay alert as reboots are deactivated towards the end of the match.

These features are wrapped in the popular Fortnite’s original Chapter One game map that made its comeback in 2023. The game map gained tremendous popularity, which led to a record number of Fortnite players.

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