Warzone Season 2 Introduces Battle Royale Preview Mode with Exciting Features


  • Warzone Season 2 introduces Battle Royale Preview mode with experimental features for player feedback.
  • New additions include Covert Exfil for strategic escapes and Weapon Case for exclusive rewards.
  • The latest patch adds Zombie Power-Ups, offering advantages like instant armor and ammo replenishment.

In the latest update of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2, players have been treated to the new Battle Royale Preview mode, offering various experimental features to potentially reshape the standard Battle Royale experience. 

This limited-time mode, available in Quads or teams of four, takes place in Urzikstan and serves as a testing ground for new gameplay mechanics.

Introducing Battle Royale preview

The Battle Royale Preview mode is a testing ground for new gameplay mechanics and features, allowing developers to gather valuable data and insights from player interactions. The mode aims to refine and enhance the overall Warzone experience based on community feedback by offering a glimpse into upcoming changes.

Covert Exfil and Weapon Case features

Two standout Battle Royale Preview mode features are the Covert Exfil and Weapon Case mechanics. Covert Exfil provides players with a strategic escape option, allowing them to call in a helicopter for extraction at a designated location. 

However, players must carefully consider their timing and resources with only a limited number of exfils available per match and a significant cost attached.

Meanwhile, the Weapon Case adds a layer of intensity to gameplay. At the start of each match, a single weapon case spawns in a designated search area. Securing and holding the case not only marks players for enemy attention but also presents an opportunity for exclusive rewards upon successful extraction or survival until the end of the match.

Zombie Power-Ups added in the latest patch

In response to positive feedback from players, developers have introduced Zombie Power-Ups to the Battle Royale Preview mode in the most recent patch. These seven power-ups offer various advantages over adversaries, including instant armor and ammo replenishment, increased movement speed, and the ability to track enemy footsteps.

Players can acquire these enhancements by eliminating zombies, which will randomly drop the power-ups during gameplay. Zombie Power Ups adds an exciting twist to the Battle Royale experience, offering new strategic opportunities and dynamic encounters.

Ongoing availability and future updates

The Battle Royale Preview mode featuring Zombie Power-Ups is set to remain active until March 7, 2024, providing players with ample time to explore and engage with the new features. As the mode evolves based on player feedback and data analysis, further updates and refinements may be implemented to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

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