Unexpected Leak Reveals Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth Demo Ahead of State of Play


  • Accidental leak reveals Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth demo with Cloud and Sephiroth in Nibelheim.
  • State of Play promises deeper game insights and 100 hours of gameplay.
  • Exclusive PS5 release on February 29, 2024, fuels anticipation.

In an unexpected turn of events, an accidental PlayStation Store upload has revealed a demo for the highly anticipated game Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth. This revelation comes from an upcoming State of Play presentation dedicated entirely to Square Enix’s upcoming RPG

The leaked trailer on the PlayStation Store provides a glimpse into what players can expect from the demo, including the opportunity to step into the shoes of iconic characters, Cloud or Sephiroth, during the Nibelheim episode. The demo is expected to cover the opening chapter of the sequel’s story and allow players to explore the expansive world map.

Demo details and features

The leaked trailer for the Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth demo offers an enticing preview of the gaming experience it promises. According to the trailer description, players can immerse themselves in the early stages of the game’s narrative, choosing between the characters Cloud and Sephiroth. This decision will undoubtedly impact the player’s perspective on the unfolding story.

The Nibelheim episode, which the demo is centered around, holds particular significance for franchise fans. It is a crucial point in the game’s storyline, offering glimpses into the past and adding depth to the characters’ motivations.

The trailer showcases an enticing blend of cinematic sequences and actual gameplay. It features well-known characters like Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and more. Gamers can look forward to engaging in intense battles with various monsters and even encountering the beloved Chocobos.

State of play presentation and what to expect

The accidental leak has sparked increased anticipation for the upcoming State of Play presentation, which will undoubtedly focus on Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth. This will mark the second State of Play event in a relatively short time frame, highlighting the significance of the game’s release.

While the trailer has provided a sneak peek at the demo, the State of Play presentation may delve deeper into the game’s features and offer insights into how it deviates from the original 1997 version. With promises of “nearly 100 hours of adventure,” fans can expect an in-depth exploration of the action-RPG’s world, characters, and gameplay mechanics.

Release date and platform exclusivity

Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is set to launch in full on February 29, 2024, exclusively for the PlayStation 5. This exclusive release on Sony’s next-generation console has been a significant point of discussion among gamers and fans of the series.

The decision to release exclusively on the PS5 has undoubtedly raised excitement among PlayStation enthusiasts, as they eagerly await the chance to explore the reimagined world of Final Fantasy 7.

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