EU Digital Markets Act Forces Apple to Adjust App Store Policies


  • Under EU law, Apple’s fee for non-App Store apps sparks backlash, called “extortion” by Spotify CEO.
  • Xbox President Bond joins criticism, urging Apple to promote competition and open platforms.
  • Epic Games will return Fortnite to iOS while disputing Apple’s fee, potentially facing significant costs.

In anticipation of the forthcoming European Union Digital Markets Act, set to take effect in March, Apple has made significant changes to its App Store policies. The legislation mandates that Apple permit developers to create and distribute new apps, including alternative app stores, outside of the confines of the App Store ecosystem. 

In response, Apple has implemented a contentious fee structure for non-App Store apps, demanding €0.50 for every download exceeding one million, potentially generating substantial revenue for the tech giant.

Criticism from Spotify CEO

Apple’s recent move has sparked criticism from Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, who accused the company of attempting to maintain control over developers by imposing these new terms. Ek asserted that Apple’s €0.50 fee for downloads beyond one million constitutes “extortion, plain and simple.” The Spotify CEO voiced his concerns via a tweet, condemning Apple’s actions as a “complete and total farce” under the guise of compliance and concessions.

Xbox President joins criticism

Xbox President Bond echoed Ek’s sentiments, supporting the Spotify CEO’s stance. Bond emphasized the importance of constructive conversations to drive change, promote open platforms, and increase competition. She criticized Apple’s new policy as a step in the wrong direction and called on the company to heed feedback and strive for a more inclusive future.

Epic Games, the company behind the popular game Fortnite, has announced its intention to return Fortnite to iOS devices in Europe later this year. However, Epic Games continues to contest Apple’s €0.50 per download fee, asserting that it violates the law. For an app as popular as Fortnite, this fee could potentially result in Epic owing Apple a substantial sum.

Game streaming Apps to gain traction on iOS devices

In addition to the fee controversy, Apple has altered its stance on game streaming apps. The company has opened the door to the possibility of native Xbox Game Pass apps on iOS devices. This change could lead to greater accessibility and convenience for gamers using Apple devices.

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