Enshrouded Receives Major Patch, Enhancing Gameplay Experience


  • Enshrouded’s latest patch brings balance changes, fixes bugs, and boosts performance for a smoother gaming experience.
  • Players can no longer exploit construction hammers to break the game, while security measures have been tightened for safer saving.
  • With over 2 million players in just a month, Enshrouded continues to grow in popularity as an immersive open-world survival RPG.

Enshrouded, the open-world survival RPG by Keen Games, has released its second major patch. This update introduces significant balance adjustments, refining the distribution of roaming enemies and enhancing various points of interest throughout the game world. Players can expect a more finely tuned gameplay experience with these alterations.

One of this patch’s key focuses is rectifying several critical issues. Among the fixes are instances where crops failed to save upon exiting the game and occurrences of players encountering glitches while climbing ladders or walls in tandem. While some of these issues may have provided humorous moments, Keen Games is dedicated to ensuring a smoother and more seamless gameplay experience for all adventurers.

Additionally, the update addresses a peculiar exploit where players could use construction hammers to breach the terrain’s bottom layer. Although entertaining, this action is no longer possible, aligning with the developers’ commitment to maintaining fair and balanced gameplay mechanics.

Performance enhancements and security improvements

Beyond addressing gameplay mechanics, the patch brings notable performance enhancements to Enshrouded. Players can anticipate smoother performance, particularly in areas bustling with activity. Moreover, the saving process has undergone enhancements to bolster security measures, promising a safer game-saving procedure for all players.

Continued success and growing player base

Enshrouded has surpassed the remarkable milestone of 2 million players worldwide despite being on the market for just a month. This achievement underscores the game’s broad appeal and the developer’s dedication to delivering an immersive gaming experience.

Enshrouded stands as a testament to the enduring popularity of open-world survival RPGs. Its voxel-based world and emphasis on exploration have captivated millions of players, offering a vast landscape ripe for adventure, resource gathering, and epic battles against formidable foes within the corrupted Shroud.

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