Growing Dissatisfaction Amongst Minecraft Playerbase


  • Minecraft players around the world are raising their concerns over what they perceive as Microsoft and Mojang’s lackluster approach to updating the beloved sandbox game.
  • Many players argue that this process is unnecessarily stingy.
  • This year’s Minecraft Mob Vote is not the first to ignite discontent within the community.

Minecraft players around the world are raising their concerns over what they perceive as Microsoft and Mojang’s lackluster approach to updating the beloved sandbox game. The focal point of their discontent centers around the annual Minecraft Mob Vote, a community-driven event that determines which of three proposed creatures will be added to the game. 

Many players argue that this process is unnecessarily stingy, and they question why, given the ample resources of Microsoft and Mojang, all three mobs cannot be included. The discontent has escalated to the point where some players are actively calling for the cancellation of the Mob Vote.

The petition gains momentum

Holly Mavermorne, a dedicated Minecraft player, initiated a Change.org petition, rallying for the discontinuation of the Mob Vote and urging Mojang to maintain the frequent content updates that initially propelled Minecraft to fame. At present, the petition boasts nearly 350,000 signatures. Mavermorne asserts that the Mob Vote exacerbates division within the community, discards promising ideas, and teases content that ultimately never materializes. She also points out that despite Microsoft’s backing, Minecraft’s content updates have slowed down, leaving players craving for more.

This year’s Minecraft Mob Vote is not the first to ignite discontent within the community. In the past, fan-favorite creatures like the Moobloom failed to make it into the game. Content creators have even mobilized their fanbases to vote for the least popular option, turning the event into a divisive spectacle. These past experiences, according to Mavermorne, highlight fundamental flaws in the Mob Vote system.

Minecraft’s initial popularity stemmed from its regular updates and the constant influx of new content, dating back to 2011. However, some players argue that despite becoming the highest-selling game ever and enjoying Microsoft’s substantial financial backing, Minecraft now only receives a single, relatively small content update each year. The Mob Vote adds to the anticipation but often results in disappointment, as only a fraction of the teased content makes it into the game, leaving players wanting more.

A wave of protest

Mavermorne’s petition has gained widespread attention, particularly on platforms like TikTok, where it has fueled a wave of parodic protest art reminiscent of Communist revolutionary propaganda. These artworks underline the frustration felt by players and add a touch of humor to the situation. The “2023 Minecraft Mob Vote Revolution” even has its own page on Know Your Meme. While the protests are amusing, they underscore a deeper concern among Minecraft’s player base.

The timing of this discontent is noteworthy, as Mojang is preparing for Minecraft Live, an event where they traditionally unveil details about upcoming updates. The release of Minecraft update 1.21 could potentially address many of the community’s complaints. However, the broader issue of communication and collaboration between Mojang and the player community remains.

Some players, including the author, argue that Minecraft should prioritize substantial updates over smaller, incremental additions like individual mobs and skins. They agree with Mavermorne’s point about the divisive nature of the Mob Vote. Still, they also acknowledge that the assumption that Mojang’s increased resources and headcount should result in larger and more frequent updates oversimplifies the development process.

The complex reality of game development

Developing and maintaining a game as expansive and diverse as Minecraft is a formidable task. Modders, who are often cited as delivering content faster, do not face the same challenges as Mojang. The latter must oversee a vast corporate platform with millions of players across various devices, stores, and regions. This complexity can slow down decision-making and development.

The debate over Minecraft updates extends beyond the quantity of content. It delves into the changing nature of Minecraft, with concerns about Microsoft’s influence on the game’s direction and potential future monetization strategies. While the frustration is valid, the issue requires a nuanced approach that goes beyond demanding more content.

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