Capcom Teases Exciting Developments for Monster Hunter’s 20th Anniversary

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  • Capcom preps 20th Monster Hunter anniversary with new hunter.
  • Grateful Monster Hunter team promises thrilling future experiences.
  • Join Capcom’s journey for a “Happy Hunting” celebration ahead.

Capcom, the renowned Japanese video game company, has wrapped up development on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and is now gearing up for a significant milestone – the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series, set to take place in March 2024. As part of their Tokyo Game Show 2023 online program, Capcom has revealed a new piece of anniversary artwork that hints at exciting developments for the franchise. The artwork features what appears to be a brand new hunter, standing alongside hunters from previous entries in the Monster Hunter series. Additionally, Capcom has unveiled a new logo in celebration of this upcoming milestone.

Looking back at two decades of hunter adventures

While speculation runs rampant among fans and the gaming community about what Capcom might have in store for the series’ 20th-anniversary celebration, concrete details remain scarce at this early stage. As part of the buildup to the anniversary, Capcom has launched a dedicated website for the occasion, accompanied by a special message from the Monster Hunter team. In their message, the team expresses their profound gratitude to the dedicated player base that has supported the series throughout its two-decade-long journey.

The Monster Hunter series made its debut in 2004, introducing players to a world where they could wield five different weapons and embark on quests from two settlements: Kokoto and Minegarde. Over the ensuing two decades, the series has evolved, taking hunters on adventures through diverse environments such as snowy mountains, the depths of the sea floor, ancient ruins, and uncharted continents. The enduring love and enthusiasm of players worldwide have been instrumental in the series’ continued success.

Speculation and anticipation: What lies ahead for Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter team acknowledges the invaluable feedback and contributions from the player community, which have consistently informed the development of user-tailored updates and enhanced gaming experiences with each new installment. Notably, Monster Hunter: World achieved global acclaim, resonating with players worldwide. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team received an outpouring of warm messages from fans, underscoring the deep connection between the series and its dedicated following.

With two decades of triumphs behind them, the Monster Hunter team is now determined to build on their success and deliver even more captivating hunting experiences to fans. Their goal is to create larger, more immersive, and thrilling adventures that will continue to captivate and surprise players. In light of this vision, they extend a heartfelt invitation to all hunters, old and new, to join them on the exciting journey ahead as they mark the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series with a promise of “Happy Hunting!”

Capcom is preparing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series in March 2024. The company has shared tantalizing artwork featuring a new hunter alongside familiar faces from previous entries, as well as a new logo. While details about the anniversary celebration remain under wraps, Capcom has launched a dedicated website and expressed their deep gratitude to the passionate player community that has supported the series over the years. The Monster Hunter team looks forward to building on their success and delivering even more thrilling hunting experiences in the future, inviting players to be part of the exciting journey ahead.

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