Crypto and blockchain leaders reveal their New Year’s wishes

Crypto and blockchain leaders reveal their New Year s wishes

In a recent interview with CoinTelegraph prominent names from the crypto and blockchain industry revealed their desires for the new year and expressed how they would like to see the new industry shape up.

2019 has indeed been a roller coaster ride for crypto and blockchain industry with increased interests from governments and international corporations, especially following the launch of Facebook’s debatable project Libra, and China’s steadfast support for blockchain. That coupled with Bitcoin’s exhilarating performance at the market, with Bitcoin price hitting as low as three thousand eight hundred US dollars ($3800) by the end of 2018 followed by a tremendous upswing of close to fifteen thousand US dollars ($15000) during its bullish run in 2019, the cryptocurrency market has experienced something that not all asset classes are fortunate enough to witness.

Thus, CoinTelegraph decided to reach out to some of the key entrepreneurs to know their thoughts and opinions on the future of this industry. Here is a brief overview of their statements.

Crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs voice out their New Year’s wish-list

Erik Voorhees, founder and CEO of instant digital assets exchange ShapeShift, expressed that he would want to witness people taking a more balanced and pragmatic approach towards digital assets trading. While 2017 was a year of peak pricing and bullish trends, we saw people assuming an extremely pessimistic attitude in the last two years. This needs to be balanced out for the community to witness healthy growth, he noted.

Ethan Beard, SVP at Xpring, a Ripple-founded entity to promote and fund the growth of tech startups in the domain, wished that more developers leverage the benefits offered by XRP Ledger and Interledger Protocol and make money integration into applications more straightforward and efficient for twenty-three million developers around the world.

I want to see more financial institutions delving into digital asset trading, and even if fifty percent (50%) of the top twenty global banks adopt cryptocurrency in some form, it would be a great year ahead, he believes. Moreover, Beard also spelt out his desire to witness a blockchain-based game in 2020 as that will enable users to gain exposure on tokenized assets and truly capitalize on virtual currencies.

Shedding light on Block.one’s strategy for 2020, an open-source software development company, Daniel Larimer, the CTO, confirmed that the firm eyes strategical collaborations in the new year that will help push blockchain growth in the market. Blockchain advocates integrity and transparency; he continued; thus, our main aim would be to develop technologies that just can’t be illicitly used.

Andy Cheung, who is in charge of the Malta-based crypto exchange platform OKEx wishes for the ecosystem to grow and build systems together and encourage greater involvement from the government entities. Him, along with co-founder of crypto custodial services company Anchorage, Diogo Monica, believe that the entire community needs to get together to make crypto more accessible and ultimately, make it one real medium of exchange. 

Lastly, president of the cryptocurrency payment company Monarch wallet, Robert Beadles, hopes that the US government finally loses its anti-crypto stance and embraces this upcoming technology by formulating clear guidelines and taxation laws.

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