Crypto advocacy groups challenged by Senator Warren on government ties


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  • Senator Warren worries about ex-officials in crypto and fears influence.
  • Allegations of crypto funding terrorism add to the regulatory debate.
  • Advocacy groups pushed for transparency amid industry-government ties.

In a recent development, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has raised concerns about the presence of former government officials and lawmakers within the cryptocurrency industry, suggesting that they may be influencing the industry’s lobbying efforts. 

The senator’s call to action comes amid a growing debate over the regulation of digital assets and their alleged role in financing terrorist organizations.

Concerns over former government officials in the crypto industry

Senator Warren, a vocal critic of digital assets, has contacted cryptocurrency advocacy groups, Coin Center and Blockchain Association, seeking answers regarding the industry’s employment of former government officials and law enforcement personnel. 

Her concerns were triggered by a Politico report, which claimed that certain entities within the crypto space had recruited a “small army of former defense, national security, and law enforcement officials” to oppose regulatory measures concerning digital assets.

Warren also reiterated allegations that cryptocurrency has been used to finance terrorist organizations, including Hamas, which was allegedly involved in an attack on Israel on October 7th. It’s important to note that some of these allegations have been debated and were subsequently corrected in certain instances.

The revolving door phenomenon

One key point Senator Warren raised is the so-called “revolving door” between the cryptocurrency industry and Washington D.C. insiders. She suggested that many government officials may use their time in public service to position themselves for future roles in the digital asset lobbying sector. 

To support her argument, Senator Warren pointed to the example of Coinbase’s Global Advisory Council, which initially included former Senator Patrick Toomey, former Representative Tim Ryan, and former Representative Sean Patrick Maloney.

Coin Center CEO Jerry Brito responded to Senator Warren’s letter with strong words, describing it as “impertinent” and a “bullying publicity stunt.” He argued that while Warren emphasizes the need for transparency, nonprofits should also have privacy protections against government intrusion.

The digital asset anti-money laundering act

Senator Warren’s increased focus on the cryptocurrency industry aligns with her efforts to garner support for the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act. This legislation, supported by many lawmakers, aims to address concerns about illicit digital asset use. However, it has faced criticism from advocacy groups who argue it may fall short in effectively tackling these issues.

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