Comprehensive Coverage of The International 2023: New Formats, Schedules, and Live Updates


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  • TI 2023 introduces a dynamic format change, amplifying competitive stakes with early eliminations and intense playoff seeding.
  • From dominating victories to surprise exits, TI 2023’s initial phases set the stage for unpredictable and thrilling playoffs.
  • Valve enhances global fan engagement for TI 2023 with multi-language streams, ensuring real-time action, analysis, and accessibility.

The Dota 2 community worldwide is abuzz as The International 2023 (TI 2023) commences, introducing significant adjustments in its tournament format. For the first time, Valve has revamped the event’s structure, dividing it into two distinct phases: the Road to the International and the International Main Event. The former includes initial rounds starting on October 12, while the conclusive battles in the latter don’t begin until October 27. This strategic change, aiming to intensify competition, features four groups of five teams in the initial phase, with one team from each group facing early elimination based on their performance in round-robin best-of-twos. The surviving teams proceed to a seeding decider, which determines their fate in the fiercely competitive playoffs.

Standout performances and unexpected outcomes

As the tournament unfolds, several teams have already made their mark, while others have succumbed to the pressure. Early matches on October 12 and 13 showcased an unpredictable mix of results, with teams like Spirit and LGD asserting dominance in their groups. Conversely, the struggle was real for others like Thunder Awaken and beastcoast, leading to their early exit alongside Team SMG and PSG Quest.

The excitement escalated over the weekend, with teams battling in best-of-three matchups. Spirit, Liquid, LGD, and other top-performing teams emerged, seizing their spots in the upper bracket. The lower bracket saw a mix of expected and surprising entries, indicating intense matches ahead as they are just one loss away from elimination.

In the wake of these developments, the community witnessed unexpected triumphs and defeats, setting the stage for high-stakes competition as TI 2023 progresses. With the playoffs not starting until October 20, the teams are gearing up for confrontations that could either seal their fate in glory or defeat.

Navigating the live coverage of TI 2023

For enthusiasts and followers worldwide, Valve has organized comprehensive broadcast plans, ensuring fans can track all the action as it unfolds. The primary source for live coverage is through various Twitch streams dedicated to delivering extensive insights into each match. These range from the main channel, used exclusively for playoff rounds, to additional streams that cater to the group stages.

Moreover, recognizing the global fanbase, Valve has arranged broadcasts in multiple languages, including Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. These are accessible on platforms familiar to the community, such as Bilibili for Chinese viewers and specific YouTube channels for Russian and Spanish audiences. 

For a more integrated experience, viewers can turn to SteamTV, which offers various hubs for each language, ensuring fans do not miss out on real-time updates, expert analyses, and behind-the-scenes action. This approach not only caters to the global audience but also enhances the communal experience of enjoying the world’s most prestigious Dota 2 tournament.

As The International 2023 continues, the stakes are higher than ever, with teams competing for not just the championship title but also for their share of the prize pool, which has notably seen slower growth this year. Despite this, the spirit of the competition remains unmarred, with teams showcasing skill, strategy, and perseverance. The world watches in anticipation as these outstanding esports athletes clash to seize the esteemed Aegis of Champions in what promises to be an unforgettable conclusion to TI 2023.

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