Classic PC Games Still Captivating Gamers in 2023


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  • Classic PC games like “Outlaws,” “Diablo II,” and “Doom” continue to captivate players with their innovative gameplay and compelling stories. 
  • Games like “The Longest Journey” and “System Shock 2,” blend immersive narratives with pioneering game mechanics. 
  • The enduring popularity of these games highlight the timeless nature of quality game design and storytelling in the gaming industry.

In the world of video games, certain classics refuse to fade into obscurity. These timeless titles continue to draw in players with their groundbreaking gameplay and compelling narratives. Here’s a look at some of the best old PC games that remain relevant in 2023.

Best Classic PC Games

Fallout 2: a post-apocalyptic saga

“Fallout 2” takes players into a rich post-apocalyptic world filled with narrative depth and complex mechanics. This sequel in the iconic Fallout series is celebrated for its challenging gameplay and immersive storytelling, making it a cornerstone of the RPG genre.

Outlaws: a western shooter classic

“Outlaws,” a first-person shooter set in the Wild West, remains a standout title. Its unique blend of gun-slinging action and animated cutscenes captures the essence of classic westerns. The game’s innovative features, like manual reloads and sniper scopes, set a new standard in the genre.

Quake: the evolution of FPS

“Quake” took the first-person shooter genre to new heights with its dark fantasy and horror elements. Its impactful sound design and intense gameplay continue to influence modern FPS titles. The game’s availability on modern platforms ensures its accessibility to new generations of gamers.

Theme Hospital: a whimsical simulation

“Theme Hospital” stands out with its unique blend of humor and simulation gameplay. Players manage a hospital while dealing with humorous fictitious diseases, making it a delightful and challenging experience. Its legacy continues with the spiritual successor, “Two Point Hospital.”

The Longest Journey: an adventure across realms

“The Longest Journey” offers a rich narrative adventure, blending two contrasting worlds – the magical Arcadia and the gritty Stark. This point-and-click masterpiece is known for its deep storytelling and well-rounded characters, making it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Diablo II: the action RPG benchmark

“Diablo II” continues to be a benchmark in the action RPG genre. Its addictive loot-driven gameplay and dark, atmospheric world have kept it relevant for years. The game’s ongoing online support and recent remaster, “Diablo 2: Resurrected,” attest to its enduring appeal.

The Curse of Monkey Island: a comedic adventure

“The Curse of Monkey Island” is a highlight of the adventure game genre. Known for its witty humor and engaging puzzles, the game continues the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood. Its cartoon aesthetic and memorable soundtrack make it an enduring favorite.

Starcraft: a real-time strategy legend

“Starcraft” is a seminal title in the real-time strategy genre. Known for its compelling narrative and strategic depth, the game set the standard for RTS titles. Its influence extends beyond gaming, having a significant impact on the esports scene.

System Shock 2: a Sci-Fi horror landmark

“System Shock 2” is a masterclass in psychological horror and sci-fi storytelling. Set aboard a spaceship with a rogue AI, the game combines horror elements with deep RPG mechanics. Its influence is evident in successors like “BioShock.”

Doom: the quintessential FPS

“Doom” remains a cornerstone of the FPS genre with its fast-paced action and iconic level design. Its colorful, hellish landscapes and fluid gameplay have inspired countless shooters. Available on modern systems, “Doom” continues to be a go-to choice for action-packed gaming.

These classic PC games prove that great game design and storytelling are timeless. Their continued relevance in 2023 is a testament to their quality and the lasting impact they’ve had on the gaming industry and culture. Whether you’re revisiting these titles or experiencing them for the first time, they offer a unique window into the history and evolution of PC gaming.

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