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  • Optimize development points for a thriving city in Cities Skylines 2.
  • Prioritize electricity and healthcare nodes for city success.
  • Transportation and recycling are crucial for efficient urban management.

In the world of city-building simulation games, Cities Skylines 2 has emerged as a popular choice for players seeking to create and manage their own virtual metropolises. To succeed in this endeavor, one must strategically allocate development points to various branches and nodes within the game’s development section.

Essential development nodes

Commencing your city’s development journey, it’s imperative to invest in the Advanced Road Services node. Unlocking this node grants access to tools such as stop signs, crosswalks, and traffic lights, which are vital for managing traffic flow. Additionally, consider implementing roundabouts to alleviate traffic congestion. Parking areas are equally crucial in preventing parking-related issues that can obstruct traffic. For more advanced traffic management, underground parking buildings are an option, albeit at a higher cost.


Prioritize the electricity development node, initially focusing on green energy generation to reduce pollution and enhance resident satisfaction. Begin with a coal plant, then progress to the emergency battery station for improved electricity conservation. Ultimately, transition to a solar power plant for efficient and clean energy production. If your city expands substantially, consider the nuclear power plant, which provides higher electrical output but comes with increased air pollution.


In the realm of city management, investing in the healthcare skill tree is paramount. While it may incur higher costs than medical clinics, upgrading this node is worth every development point spent. Consider incorporating the Disease Control Center to monitor and mitigate health impacts on your residents, especially in areas affected by air pollution or smog. The construction of cemeteries, though a significant investment, becomes more rewarding in larger cities, potentially doubling as tourist attractions.

Waste management and environment

Recycling centre

To address waste management and environmental concerns, prioritize the Recycling Center. This facility helps control ground pollution while allowing residents to utilize recycled materials, generating additional income for your city. As you progress to higher development nodes, consider investing in an industrial waste processing site, a more expensive but highly effective solution that significantly reduces air and ground pollution.

Education and research


As your city grows, the demand for education among your citizens will rise. Begin by constructing colleges, and subsequently upgrade to universities. However, ensure that your city is prepared to respond to natural disasters, particularly forest fires. Investing in firehouses and fire watch towers can prove invaluable in such emergencies. Additionally, consider allocating development points to emergency warning systems and emergency shelters for natural disaster preparedness, unless you’ve disabled the natural disaster mode.

Law enforcement and administration

Law enforcement

Maintaining law and order is crucial in large cities. Invest your development points in the Police Headquarters node, distributing police stations strategically throughout your city. Focus on expanding your jail capacity within the prison node to effectively combat crime in large urban areas. After addressing law enforcement concerns, shift your attention to the administration node, allocating points to the central bank to reap financial benefits and enhance your city’s credit rating.


Transportation plays a pivotal role in Cities Skylines 2 for various reasons. Begin by focusing on transportation modes that provide maximum benefits, such as import and export options through trains. Explore the transportation development tree to unlock nodes like the Subway, which offers faster and more efficient travel for residents. For wealthier, more advanced cities, consider the Space Center node to boost city-wide attractiveness and recreational value. Additionally, invest in the tram, an affordable option with high passenger capacity that enhances transportation within and between cities.

Parks and recreation

Parks are essential components of any city, contributing to its attractiveness and citizen satisfaction. Prioritize the park maintenance upgrade to ensure clean and inviting park spaces throughout your city. This maintenance investment will undoubtedly enhance your city’s appeal, making it an attractive place for residents to spend their leisure time.


Server farms

Expanding your city’s communication network requires the allocation of development points to the Server Farms node. These farms offer a cost-effective alternative to radio masts and telecom towers. As your city grows in prosperity, consider advanced options like satellite links to further boost your city’s attractiveness and network capacity.

Effective allocation of development points in Cities Skylines 2 is essential for the success and growth of your virtual city. Prioritize key development nodes such as advanced road services, electricity, healthcare, waste management, education, law enforcement, transportation, parks and recreation, and communications to create a well-balanced and thriving metropolis. By following this progression guide, you can efficiently manage your city’s resources and meet the diverse needs of its residents, ensuring your city’s prosperity in the world of Cities Skylines 2.

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