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Bybit launches latest Crypto expansion for traders


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Bybit has announced its expansion into Crypto to enhance its sphere of influence in trading.
  • Traders can make settlements using USD Coins and perpetual.
  • This option will broaden the product line and support the trader’s Portfolio. 

Bybit is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange service. It is the fastest-growing means of trading that enables millions of users to trade across the globe. It was developed in March 2018 to spread the scope of online trading across the horizon. It works by selling and buying crypto assets.

Recently, Bybit announced its expansion. The Bybit users will be able to trade through USDC options and perpetual. The Bybit has not announced the exact date of the launch yet. However, the news confirms its expansion into the Crypto option. 

The reason behind this expansion & development

Source : Twitter

The Bybit team has coined this idea of expansion by analyzing users’ preferences and demands. They will incorporate this option into the product line to consider the community’s request. An investor could procure more excellent benefits as it will limit the risk and enhance market exposure. In this way, a trader’s Portfolio will be more diversified. 

It is an attempt to insert a European style into USDC. This will ultimately enhance their derivative products and strengthen Portfolio margining. Hence, the Bybit introduced a new variation in the product line to facilitate its users. That would significantly improve its scope of working. This option will provide an opportunity for the traders to infer and speculate on crypto prices. At the same time, they will make settlements using USDC. 

Features of this expansion

Bybit, the fastest growing trading company, has always advocated the preferences and priorities of its users. Similarly, this innovation carries no exception. They are planning to add a trading option that would allow the users to play freely in the market of trading. 

The newly-launched crypto option’s policy will work on the exact conventional trading counterparts. The clients have longed for this option. Hence, they are acknowledged, undoubtedly raising the benchmark even higher. Through this improvisation, the traders could speculate on the prices in United States dollars. But, they will settle the prices in USDC. Bybit allows only those users who have passed the Know Your Customer(KYC) process to trade option. However, the United States, Singapore, China, North Korea, Canada, and Quebec are spared from this obligation.

Bybit has given this option to every user. However, it is not mandatory for everyone to use it. The option will expire if it goes unattended. So it’s a right given to everyone, but it is not compulsory to use it. All the experienced traders and those familiar with trading will get more benefits. The new feature gives a broad range of products as well as services. Hence, the market makers know how to crack that and get more advantages. CME Group has also decided to launch micro-sized Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) options. The micro Bitcoin is 1/10th of the regular Bitcoin. It will be cost-effective for the client. The Ether option will also be budget-friendly for the clients. 


Bybit has devised a new option on demand of the traders and clients. This is the option for which they have been waiting for so long. That will work on the same principle as designated in traditional trading. The Crypto exchange Bybit has enhanced its sphere of influence by including an additional trading option. This will, ultimately, minimize the risk and increase the traders’ exposure.

This expansion will support the traders’ portfolios by adding a factor of diversity to them. Hence, allowing trading by using USD coins and perpetual. Institutional clients will more frequently get benefits due to their experience in trading. However, the Bybit will give this option to them, but it’s up to the traders to use it. Institutional players and market makers are eager to try this option as this will pave more ways for them in the trading and crypto ecosystem market. 

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is an expert on crypto investments. Loving to write about fintech, he joins the team to provide detailed analyses of the hottest crypto news.

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