Blizzard Entertainment says no to the NFT market


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TL;DR Breakdown

• Blizzard’s president talks about the firm’s integration into the NFT market
• Users find the president’s views on NFTs irrelevant.

Ybarra Mike, the president of Blizzard Entertainment, recently announced that the company will not get involved in the NFT market.

This news attracted the attention of the gaming community and NFT enthusiasts. Ybarra has dismissed the news of Blizzard entertainment getting into the NFT market, clarifying that his company will not enter the NFT market anytime soon.

Game company not impressed with NFTs


Blizzard trended for a few hours due to speculations of its entry into the NFT market. Remember that NFTs are a new technology that gives value to art pieces, music, and games. Many people and companies have dedicated portions of their investment portfolio to non-fungible tokens.

GameRant was one of the first agencies to announce that Blizzard was carrying out a supposed survey to see the interest of its clients in NFTs. The information agency indicates that the entire blizzard manager could accept the NFT trade, but it was only tabloid news. About 24 hours after making the fake news public, Ybarra made a comment where he denied getting involved in the NFTs market.

Customers at Blizzard baffled


After Ybarra commented on his lack of interest in NFTs at Blizzard, the company’s users were taken aback. Many Blizzard users said it seems illogical to survey NFTs and then refuse to use them. Customers believe this decision will cause development problems in the company, knowing that competitors would be adapting to the new technology based on cryptocurrencies.

Ybarra gave no details about the results of their research on NFTs, and those statistics will likely never be revealed. Some analysis agencies indicate that at least 2 out of 10 people in the world would use NFTs and cryptocurrencies after seeing the potential of the decentralized market.

Since 2020, non-fungible tokens have gained priority. This is because the pieces are easy to create and give value to different virtual auctions. Many leading technology companies have used NFTs, created them, and launched their auctions to earn extra money from the growing market. Ybarra may be considering his stance towards NFTs and the crypto market after seeing the criticism that users have thrown at his decision.

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