Bitcoin price up by 19pc in last seven days: BTC price review

The prices of the top 10 crypto-currencies are surging. Bitcoin and Litecoin have increased nineteen percent (19%) and approximately seventeen percent (17.5%) respectively.

This shows both the strength of the king of cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, and how the market can be taken by a storm by any cryptocurrency such as Litecoin.

Bitcoin price up by 19pc in last seven days: BTC price review 2Bitcoin Price chart by Price Bitcoin

The BTC/USD this week opening was positive, and on June 10th the coin reached eight thousand dollars ($8,000) with the addition of above five percent (5.2%) to its value.

The previous closing was not very welcoming for the coin. The pair crossed the resistance and started trading above eight thousand dollars ($8,180) on June 12, and it increased more on the next day.

The remarkable increase was noted on the last day of the week when Bitcoin attained eight thousand six hundred and ninety-seven dollars ($8,697.

On June 15-16, the BTC started trading so well that the target of nine thousand dollars ($9,000) seems to be achieved in the near future. In the week analysis BTC was seventeen percent (17%) increased.

Bitcoin price is fluctuating, but most cryptocurrency analysts are adamant that the price would go higher. Although most differ on how high is it exactly going to go in the future.

On the other hand, Bitcoin price is also believed to be powered by sentiments rather than hard investment point of view, which is the case with most cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, search data also revealed that Bitcoin searching is also among the top trends from the cryptocurrency world.