Will Bitcoin ever move on from the post-Fed blues?

Bitcoin breaks key level, bearish signal Analysts' insights


  • Bitcoin’s value is affected by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s recent decisions, especially the pause on interest rates.
  • Predictions hint at a potential drop to $20,000, with Bitcoin’s price currently around the $26,600 mark.
  • Crypto Tony, a well-known trader, anticipates a potential rise to $28,500 before another drop.

The shadows of the Federal Reserve’s recent decisions have spread long and wide, and Bitcoin seems to be still grappling under its melancholic blues.

No sooner did Wall Street set its game in motion on September 21 than predictions surrounding Bitcoin plummeting to $20,000 began to swirl in the financial corridors. The coin’s trajectory appeared bleak, fading rapidly from the once-coveted $27,000 mark.

Now, it begs the question – Is the iconic cryptocurrency’s golden era fizzling out, or is this just another twist in its volatile tale?

A Grim Outlook or Just Temporary Despair?

Let’s face it, the Bitcoin rollercoaster is no stranger to ups and downs. But the aftermath of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s pause on interest rates seemed to have thrown a wet blanket on the enthusiasm of even the most optimistic Bitcoin advocates.

Following this decision, Bitcoin’s value skidded down, losing almost $700 in a single day. For those tracking its heartbeat closely, the flatline on the volatility monitor was evident.

Crypto Tony, a well-known trader, gave voice to this growing sentiment, sharing with his online followers a scenario that might play out in October.

Picture this: A sluggish climb up to $28,500, a short-lived frenzy, and then a sharp nosedive. Not quite the story many Bitcoin enthusiasts had hoped for.

Nagging Fears and Skeptic Predictions

And if you thought that was enough grim news for one day, brace yourself. Analytics platform Material Indicators unleashed another wave of skepticism by highlighting the impending ‘death cross’ on Bitcoin’s weekly chart.

In the world of trading, the ‘death cross’ is akin to an ominous bell tolling, suggesting impending doom. In this context, it refers to the looming possibility of the 21-week moving average sinking below the 200-week counterpart.

Now, if you’re looking for a silver lining amidst these gloomy clouds, you might find solace in the speculations surrounding the upcoming liquidation of digital assets by the now-defunct FTX exchange.

The word on the virtual street is that the liquidators might be reluctant to witness any drastic erosion in Bitcoin’s price before they begin the distribution. While this is purely in the realm of speculation, the hope is that these liquidators might try to bolster the price just a tad longer.

On the flip side, there are those like CryptoCon, a popular trader, who still believe in Bitcoin’s promise. His conviction rests on the notion that Bitcoin is merely in the early stages of its forthcoming bull run.

Juxtaposing this sentiment with the current trading price of approximately $26,600, it seems the cryptocurrency has managed to achieve a modest growth of around 2.5% this September.

Considering the historical data, it’s notable that this is Bitcoin’s most impressive performance for the month since 2016. The point is while the cryptocurrency giant might be experiencing a bout of post-Fed blues, it’s essential to remember that Bitcoin has always been a creature of unpredictability.

Its journey is riddled with highs and lows, victories and setbacks. As the narratives around its future continue to evolve, one must approach Bitcoin with a blend of caution, critical thinking, and perhaps, just a dash of optimism.

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