Funding alert: Binance Labs new seed round investment in cross-chain infrastructure project

Binance lab's new seed round investment in this cross-chain infrastructure project


  • FilSwan, an advanced cross-chain infrastructure for web3 applications, is delighted to announce that it has successfully secured $3 million in funding.
  • FilSwan seamlessly integrates data, computing power, bandwidth, and payment into an all-in-one suite for Web3 projects.

FilSwan, a cross-chain infrastructure for web3 technologies, announced that they have raised three million US dollars. However, their services are designed to provide an end-to-end suite of integrated data, computing capabilities, bandwidth, and payments solutions tailor-made specifically for Web3 projects.

Strategic investors from the thriving web3 industry are firmly behind FilSwan, with Binance Labs and SNZ Holdings leading their latest SAFT round. Also, this was supported by several venture capital funds, including Waterdrip Capital, FBG Capital, Protocol Labs, Unicorn Hunter Ventures, Chain Capital, LD Capital, Cabin VC, and Betterverse Dao, as well as DAO Kondr VC. Furthermore, the Filecoin Foundation and Chainlink also funded the project’s development efforts.

As a distinguished member of the Filecoin Orbit program, FilSwan is also proud to be an alumnus of both the Binance Labs incubator and Startup-with-Chainlink program.

FilSwan has recently unveiled its first cross-chain product,, on the Polygon mainnet. By integrating Chainlink’s external adapter and price feed technology, anyone can now pay for IPFS/Filecoin storage using a stablecoin from Polygon. It is essential to know that this revolutionary new solution significantly lowers the operational barrier and simplifies Web3 development processes related to storage solutions.

The funds which we raised will be extremely helpful in furthering our product development and user acquisition. Reaching Polygon mainnet is an incredible landmark for the multichain metaverse. We strive to ensure BNB Chain integration so developers can use all its benefits, like multichain storage. Additionally, Aptos and Sui are on our schedule; apart from payment channels, computing products shall soon become available! Moreover, Lagrange DAO– a decentralized data science project incubated by us with Hack FEVM – ETHGlobal has just started off.”

Charles Cao, the founder of FilSwan

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Written by Damilola Lawrence

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