Baldur’s Gate 3 Surpasses Ten Million Players Amidst Mod Support Concerns


  • Baldur’s Gate 3 hits ten million players, but toxic fan behavior mars celebrations over mod support issues.
  • Larian Studios urges fans to remain patient and respectful amid ongoing game development and promises future mod support.
  • Despite its massive success, Baldur’s Gate 3’s journey is marred by fan harassment as the game evolves.

Baldur’s Gate 3, the highly anticipated installment in the iconic RPG series, has achieved unprecedented success, amassing over ten million players across all platforms since its full launch last year. 

Developed by Larian Studios, the game quickly garnered acclaim and dominated discussions within the gaming community, garnering numerous awards. Michael Douse, head of publishing at Larian, revealed the staggering growth in the player base, noting that Baldur’s Gate 3 experienced a remarkable surge from two million to over ten million players in a relatively short period.

The series’ dedicated fanbase, coupled with Baldur’s Gate 3’s critical success, propelled it into the spotlight, solidifying its status as a major player in the RPG genre. Despite the absence of specific sales figures, the overwhelming popularity of Baldur’s Gate 3 underscores its undeniable success in the gaming industry.

Mod support concerns surface amidst the game’s triumph

However, amidst the celebration of Baldur’s Gate 3’s achievements, concerns have arisen regarding the behavior of a faction within the fanbase. Reports of harassment directed towards the game’s developers have emerged, particularly concerning the lack of mod support. Douse addressed these issues on Twitter, acknowledging certain players’ frustrations but urging patience and understanding during the game’s ongoing development process.

The absence of official mod support has led to complications for players utilizing mods, as patches and hotfixes may disrupt modded playthroughs until mod authors make updates. While acknowledging the inconvenience, Douse emphasized the need for respectful dialogue and support towards the development team, emphasizing their commitment to patching the game while concurrently working on implementing mod support for all platforms.

Larian urges fans to maintain constructive dialogue

In response to the recent toxicity incidents within the fanbase, Larian Studios emphasizes the importance of maintaining a constructive dialogue among players. Douse emphasizes that while the game’s exponential growth may lead to more complex discussions, fans must refrain from directing anger or threats towards developers, mod authors, or community members.

With Baldur’s Gate 3’s promising future, Larian Studios remains dedicated to addressing player concerns and improving the gaming experience. As the studio continues to work on future updates and mod support, they urge fans to focus on the game’s development’s positive aspects and refrain from engaging in harmful behavior towards those involved in its creation.

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