Archetype Entertainment’s James Ohlen Discusses Upcoming Sci-Fi RPG “Exodus”


  • Archetype’s “Exodus” promises a unique sci-fi experience, distinct from “Starfield,” focusing on narrative depth and player freedom.
  • James Ohlen, with a team of industry veterans, emphasizes character-driven storytelling and a balanced universe in their upcoming RPG.
  • Partnering with Wizards of the Coast, Archetype gains creative freedom, ensuring “Exodus” stands out in the sci-fi gaming landscape.

In an exclusive interview with GamesRadar+, James Ohlen, renowned game developer and founder of Archetype Entertainment, provided insights into the studio’s upcoming science fiction RPG, “Exodus.” With an impressive background at BioWare, Ohlen has set his sights on crafting an unparalleled sci-fi universe distinct from his previous ventures.

A unique approach to Sci-Fi gaming

Archetype Entertainment, comprised of industry veterans from Halo, Last of Us, and Mass Effect, is poised to deliver a gaming experience that diverges from the expansive scale of titles like Bethesda’s “Starfield.” Ohlen emphasizes that “Exodus” does not seek to compete directly with the latter but rather embraces a different design philosophy.

Focused storytelling and exploration

According to Ohlen, “Exodus” aims to strike a balance between player freedom and a compelling narrative. Drawing inspiration from their collective experience with titles like Mass Effect, the team intends to create a universe where players can chart their course while still engaging with a cohesive and emotionally resonant story. The ambition is clear: to cultivate characters that players can either love or hate and story arcs that captivate throughout the journey.

While “Starfield” boasts a staggering 1,000 planets, “Exodus” seems inclined towards a more focused experience. Ohlen acknowledges the challenge of finding an equilibrium between universe size and narrative depth, indicating a preference for a nuanced balance based on the team’s track record.

Unveiling a “unique” universe

Ohlen emphasizes the uniqueness of the universe “Exodus” is set to introduce. Departing from the well-trodden path of predecessors like Mass Effect, the team at Archetype Entertainment is dedicated to forging a distinct identity for their sci-fi creation. Ohlen asserts, “We wanted to make sure that it was the best possible science fiction universe we could build,” underscoring the studio’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience.

Collaboration with wizards of the coast

In a surprising turn, Archetype Entertainment has partnered with Wizards of the Coast, renowned as the custodians of Dungeons and Dragons. Ohlen expresses gratitude for the creative freedom granted by the collaboration, stating that it has allowed the team to explore ideas they’ve long harbored but were often constrained from pursuing. Wizards of the Coast’s involvement has empowered Archetype Entertainment to make decisions that contribute to the studio’s vision for “Exodus.”

A promising future for archetype entertainment

As Archetype Entertainment forges ahead with “Exodus,” the studio appears poised to make a significant impact on the sci-fi gaming landscape. The convergence of seasoned developers and newfound creative liberty, coupled with the support of Wizards of the Coast, positions “Exodus” as a project worth anticipating for both fans of the genre and gaming enthusiasts at large.

“Exodus” may draw thematic inspiration from titles like Mass Effect; its commitment to crafting a unique universe, combined with the collaborative backing of Wizards of the Coast, sets it apart from its contemporaries. As James Ohlen and his team strive to create a science fiction universe that stands out in its own right, the gaming community eagerly awaits the unveiling of “Exodus” and the promise it holds for the future of narrative-driven sci-fi RPGs.

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