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  • YouTube is testing an “Ask” feature that lets Premium users get video-related answers and content recommendations from AI.
  • A new AI tool for organizing video comments into topics is also in testing, making it easier for viewers and creators to navigate discussions.
  • These AI features are part of a larger effort by YouTube to incorporate AI into their platform, including voice mimicking and enhanced advertising.

YouTube is advancing its platform by introducing two innovative AI-driven features aimed at increasing user interaction and streamlining content navigation. This strategic move caters to premium users, signaling the platform’s push towards smarter engagement technologies.

Conversational AI enters the YouTube scene

The video-sharing giant has initiated testing of “Ask,” a feature enabling viewers to inquire about aspects of the videos they watch. Utilizing large language models for generating responses, the feature provides the double advantage of catering to viewer curiosity and steering them toward additional related content. The feature emerges as a boon for viewers seeking deeper engagement with video content, effectively narrowing the gap between content consumption and knowledge acquisition.

The “Ask” feature is in a testing phase, with access restricted to a segment of YouTube Premium subscribers, limited to US English-speaking adults on Android. In keeping with its cautious yet progressive deployment strategy, YouTube has indicated forthcoming expansions to a broader user base in the near future.

Refining the commentary landscape

Alongside “Ask,” YouTube is testing a comment organization tool designed to simplify the user’s search for pertinent discussions in large comment sections. By breaking down comments into thematic segments, this tool promises an improved user experience, facilitating quicker access to discussion areas of interest and enabling content creators to moderate their comment feeds with ease.

This comment tool enhances accessibility by categorizing feedback into discrete subjects, found alongside existing comment sorting options like “Top” and “Newest.” This feature not only prioritizes viewer engagement by clustering relevant opinions and discussions but also provides creators with the autonomy to filter out irrelevant or undesired commentary.

AI’s growing footprint on YouTube’s services

These newly released features are part of a larger suite of AI applications YouTube has been integrating across its platform. In a display of innovation, YouTube is experimenting with an array of AI utilities, from a rumored voice modulation tool replicating famous musicians to the beta “YouTube Create” app and the “Aloud” tool for video dubbing. Additionally, the platform’s advertising mechanisms are becoming more sophisticated, with AI targeting ads for key events and festivities, illustrating the versatile potential AI holds for content creators and marketers alike.

YouTube’s dedication to AI extends to the YouTube Music service, where features like AI-customized playlist cover art are being trialed, pointing to an AI-infused future for personalizing user experiences. With these developments, YouTube is positioned to refine how users interact with the site, enhancing the viewing and content creation process.

Availability and future access

The trial phase of these features is limited to YouTube Premium subscribers, who can experiment with them through the “Try experimental new features” option on the web and via the app. However, the current availability is selective, with only the comment summarization feature openly accessible to certain users until December 5th.

The deliberate limitation of feature access to a premium segment underscores YouTube’s strategy for thorough testing and refinement before a wide-scale rollout. It’s a prudent approach that allows for feedback and adjustments, ensuring the eventual introduction to the general user population is seamless and beneficial.

As YouTube continues to test and fine-tune these features, it invests in user satisfaction and platform innovation. By harnessing AI, YouTube is poised to offer a more dynamic and responsive video streaming service, changing how content is consumed, questioned, and discussed on one of the world’s most popular digital platforms.

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