Elon Musk’s X Corp Commits to Protecting User Privacy in AI Model Training


  • Elon Musk assures users that X Corp won’t use private data for AI model training, addressing privacy concerns.
  • X Corp updates its privacy policy, seeking consent for biometric data and employment history collection while emphasizing the use of public data.
  • X Corp faces a class-action lawsuit over biometric data collection, highlighting the ongoing debate about data privacy and tech company responsibilities.

In a recent development, Elon Musk, the influential figure behind X Corp (formerly known as Twitter), has affirmed that the social media giant will refrain from utilizing users’ data to train its machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models. Musk’s statement comes on the heels of an update to X Corp’s privacy policy, wherein the company seeks users’ consent to collect biometric data and employment history. This move has raised concerns about potentially misusing sensitive information for AI model development.

A user’s discovery spurs Musk’s response

The genesis of Musk’s assertion can be traced back to a vigilant X user who mentioned data utilization for AI model training within the updated privacy policy. Musk promptly responded to this observation, asserting that the user’s interpretation was inaccurate. He clarified that X Corp intends to utilize only publicly available data for its AI and ML endeavors, excluding private content such as direct messages (DMs).

X Corp’s limited data collection approach

Elucidating on the matter, the proprietor of X Corp elucidated that the company’s stance revolves around utilizing “public data” while omitting any involvement of private or confidential information, including direct messages. This approach aims to alleviate user concerns regarding the potential misuse of personal data for profit-driven AI applications.

X Corp’s updated privacy policy introduces two notable additions—biometric information and employment history—into its data collection landscape. Under the updated terms, users are asked for consent to collect and use biometric information, a step framed within the context of ensuring safety, security, and identification. Moreover, the policy also encompasses collecting employment history data, including educational background, employment preferences, skills, job search activities, and engagement.

Utilizing data for job recommendations and advertising

The revamped privacy policy outlines the intentions behind collecting certain categories of personal information. X Corp states that the employment history data it collects will be employed to provide users with recommendations for potential job opportunities, which can be shared with potential employers during job applications. Additionally, the data will assist employers in locating suitable candidates and enable the platform to display more relevant advertisements.

Implementation and effective date

The updated privacy policy of X Corp is slated to be implemented on September 29. This policy shift signifies a conscious effort by the company to be more transparent about its data collection practices and align them with evolving privacy norms. Users will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the policy changes and decide whether to grant consent for collecting and utilizing specific data categories.

Legal backdrop and proposed class-action lawsuit

In recent months, X Corp was entangled in a legal controversy as it faced a proposed class-action lawsuit in the United States. The lawsuit highlighted concerns over the company’s data collection practices, asserting that X Corp had not adequately informed individuals about its collection and storage of biometric identifiers present in photographs uploaded to the platform. This legal action underscores the growing public discourse surrounding data privacy and the responsibilities of tech companies in handling user information.

Elon Musk’s declaration regarding the ethical use of data for AI model training marks a noteworthy step in addressing user apprehensions and promoting transparency in data-driven technology. With the updated privacy policy set to take effect soon, X Corp strives to strike a delicate balance between harnessing data for innovation and safeguarding user privacy rights. As the landscape of data privacy and AI evolves, the actions and policies of influential tech entities like X Corp will undoubtedly shape the broader narrative surrounding these critical issues.

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