Valve introduces a new Steam recording feature in Beta

Valve introduces a Steam recording feature in BetaValve introduces a Steam recording feature in Beta

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  • Valve has introduced a Steam Recording tool in beta that lets gamers capture and share gameplay seamlessly.
  • The Steam Deck becomes the first handheld to offer built-in game recording with Valve’s latest update.
  • Steam Recording offers both automatic and manual recording modes, with minimal performance impact.

Valve has announced that a gameplay recording tool is now available in beta. This new feature, known as Steam Recording, allows Steam Deck players gamers to capture and share gameplay footage.

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The Steam recording tool has two modes of recording to suit the needs of the users. Background Recording mode automatically saves gameplay to a designated drive with the option of selecting the duration and the amount of storage to be used. On the other hand, Demand Recording mode gives users the flexibility to start and stop recording at their discretion.

Previously, gamers had to record their screen with the help of third-party applications such as OBS or ShadowPlay, which required some technical skills and configurations. With this new dual-mode, both regular gamers and professional streamers can document their actions without much of a hassle.

Gamers can capture and share gameplay efficiently

New Steam recording system is designed in a way to have the least effect on the game performance. NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards are used to perform most of the recording process to minimize the usage of CPU. For the systems that do not have these graphics cards the CPU handles the recording process and this may slightly impact the performance. However, Valve has equipped the tool to do as much as possible with the least usage of the system resources to avoid any disturbance to the gameplay.

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The new recording system also has the Steam Timeline feature to tag important events that occur in the game. This timeline has the ability to include markers and thus, one can easily go back and share specific highlights. Certain games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike 2, can create markers for important events on their own, which helps improve the users’ experience. The recordings can be cut with simple cutting software solutions, and the produced videos can be shared in MP4 format.

Steam recording tool integration across devices

Valve has ensured that the new recording tool is well integrated into its ecosystem. It allows players to transfer recordings from one device to another, such as from Steam Deck to a PC. Also, the temporary links to MP4 files can be shared through the steam mobile app or a QR code for quick and easy sharing.

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The newly added Replay mode also available from the Steam Overlay enables the player to go back to the recent game events. This feature is useful to analyze the game, know the mistakes made, or recall some information during the game. To gain access to the beta version of Steam Recording, users need to enable it through the Steam settings menu.

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